Will Smartwatches Lead to More Distracted Drivers?

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Distracted Driving Accident LawyersIf you’re driving down the road and the watch on your wrist suddenly lights up and starts vibrating to notify you of a new text message, will you be able to ignore it?

This is a concern that many officials are expressing with the immersion of smartwatches into millions of households this year.

With cell phone use accounting for 27 percent of all car accidents, 62 percent of people admit to keeping their smartphones within close reach while driving. That number is bound to increase with the new device that is attached to your wrist 24/7.

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The president and CEO of the National Safety Council considers this new technology to be just as dangerous, if not more so, than cell phones while behind the wheel.

Despite tougher enforcement of laws against cell phone use while driving, the number of car crashes has actually increased. If law enforcement is already struggling to identify drivers who are visibly holding a cell phone in their hand while driving, how will they distinguish between drivers who are looking at their watch for the time versus those who are using a smartwatch?

The smartwatch market is one of the fastest growing categories in the wearable industry and many of the major traditional watch brands are already onboard with the new technology, including Swatch, Tag Heuer and IWC.

Estimates are forecasting an estimated 10 to 11 million devices will ship to the United States this year.

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Takata Air Bag Recall Expands

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airbag recallThis week, Toyota and Nissan issued a recall for an additional 6.5 million vehicles containing potentially faulty air bags from the Takata Corporation, according to The New York Times.

Toyota had conducted tests and had learned that the air bags were prone to leaks, the Times reported.

When these air leaks occur, the propellant used to inflate the air bags — ammonium nitrate — can be contaminated with moisture and can then become unstable, the newspaper wrote.

When an air bag propellant is damaged, the gas can escape too quickly and can cause the metal casing of the inflator to explode, The Wall Street Journal noted in a recent article.

In October 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a written statement urging owners of certain vehicles to replace defective Takata air bags.

This February, the Los Angeles Times reported that federal regulators were fining Takata for failure to cooperate with an investigation from the Department of Transportation.

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Auto Recalls Continue with Mitsubishi

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced on May 10 that more than 130,000 Mitsubishi vehicles were being recalled due to safety concerns.

The recalled Mitsubishi vehicles include:

  • Lancer (2009-2011)
  • Outlander(2009-2011)
  • Outlander Sport (2009-2011)

The vehicles are being recalled for defects in the defrosting features and electronic control units that affect the headlights, tail lights and other features in the vehicles.

The defects prevent drivers from seeing the road well enough to drive safely. The manufacturer of the vehicles and the NHTSA were able to act quickly enough in the recall process to prevent injuries. No accidents have been reported in connection with the identified safety defects.

Driver Visibility Dangers

Poor driver visibility, especially when headlights, tail lights, and windshields are affected, as is the case with the Mitsubishi recalls, can cause dangerous driving conditions.

When tail lights and headlights aren’t properly functioning, other drivers may not be able to see the malfunctioning vehicle, and this can cause accidents.

Additionally, the Mitsubishi recalls also prevent the defrosting features from functioning in a safe manner. Owners of the affected Mitsubishi vehicles who are located in wintry states face a serious hazard during the cold months.

Reduced visibility and low visibility are contributing factors in many winter road accidents. Safety tips for driving under reduced visibility conditions include:

  • Maintaining a slow speed
  • Remaining alert
  • Using headlights
  • Maintaining a safe distance

Safety experts advise drivers to take their cars in for regular checkups, including windshield wipers and headlights. Drivers who take low-visibility precautions can keep themselves and everyone else on the road safe.

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Senate Passes New Whistleblower Bill

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senate automobile whistleblower legislationThe U.S. Senate recently passed legislation that would allow the Department of Transportation to reward auto industry employees who report vehicle safety defects to the government, The Detroit News reported last week.

The newspaper wrote that the bill, the Motor Vehicle Safety Whistleblower Act, would enable these employees to be paid millions of dollars for reporting the defects.

According to the legislation, the reward would be available to any employee or contractor from an automobile manufacturer, part supplier, or dealership who reports previously unknown safety problems resulting in over $1 million in fines against an automotive company,

The Secretary of Transportation could pay the whistleblower up to 30 percent of the fines collected from the company, the Senate bill states.

Last November, Senators John Thune (R-S.D.) and Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) introduced the bill, which was passed by the Senate on April 28.

Earlier in the year, Thune had underscored the reason for the proposed law. “While I believe most manufacturers are dedicated to putting vehicle safety first, there have been disappointing examples where that did not happen and Americans died and sustained serious injuries,” he said in a written statement.

Two auto industry manufacturers —General Motors (GM) and Takata Corp. — were recently fined for safety problems, The Detroit News wrote in April.

GM’s safety problem involved a faulty ignition switch, according to ConsumerReports.org.

“GM has linked 13 deaths to the defective switch,” the nonprofit news website wrote.

The switch could malfunction by slipping out of position, shutting off power to the vehicle and making the air bags fail in a crash, the site added.

Takata’s problem involved air bags.

Last year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a statement urging car owners with certain vehicles to act on a safety recall and replace defective Takata air bags.

The NHTSA also said that there were 7.8 million affected vehicles from ten manufacturers: Toyota, Honda, Mazda, BMW, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors.

In a letter to the NHTSA, a Takata executive said that there were potential problems with the air bag inflators that could be caused by exposure to high levels of humidity in Florida and Puerto Rico.

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Arizona Motorists Involved in Deadly Accidents

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front end crashApril was a dangerous month for Arizona residents. Several auto accidents on state highways resulted in fatalities and injuries.

One such accident happened April 21 on Interstate 17, according to azcentral.com.

The news website reported that the crash occurred when an 18-year-old Phoenix woman drove into the median on the highway and her car collided with another vehicle on the southbound side. She and her passenger, a 19-year-old Scottsdale woman, were thrown from the car and killed, the site added.

Three passengers who were in the car with the young women were later treated for injuries at a hospital, Naztoday.com noted.

This wasn’t the only deadly accident on an Arizona highway in April. On April 18, there was a fatal head-on collision on State Route 69 in Prescott Valley, Ariz, azentral.com reported. 

A 39-year-old man drove a Ford F-350 pickup truck into oncoming traffic and collided with a Chevy Impala, the news site wrote, adding that the 69-year-old man in the Impala was killed as a result of the collision.

The man driving the truck was flown to a Phoenix hospital and is listed in serious condition,” Kaff News said in an article about the crash.

Statistics from the Arizona Department of Transportation show that 12.87% of the motor vehicle crashes in Arizona in 2013 resulted in fatalities.

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