GM Fund Rejects 91 Percent of Ignition Switch Claims

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GM recall logoAttorney Kenneth Feinberg received 4,000 plus claims regarding General Motors’ faulty ignition switches. Approximately 90 percent of the claims were dismissed.

Of the thousands of claims received, 275 injuries and 124 deaths were linked to the faulty ignition switches; 17 of the 275 injuries were deemed serious. GM hired Feinberg to handle payment of the crash victims of the defective switches.

Last year, GM’s defective switches caused a huge recall of over 2.6 million vehicles. The switches are defective because, if they are bumped by your knee or a heavy key chain, the ignition switch could move from the run position and cut power to both the engine and power steering.

The payouts are as follows: $300,000 for a surviving spouse and dependents and $1 million for each person who died because of the faulty switches. GM designated $625 million to pay victims of the faulty ignition switches.

Minor injuries, which consisted of hospitalization or outpatient treatment within 48 hours of the accident, made up 258 of the injury claims. The remaining 17 injury claims were serious and involved paraplegia, extensive burns, double amputation, permanent brain damage and quadriplegia.

Payouts vary for victims of severe injuries and they can exceed death claim payouts. Payouts for eligible minor injuries are anywhere from $20,000 to $500,000 per claimant. GM has not commented on the completion of claim reviews.

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Test-Drive Accidents: Who is Liable?

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test drive accidentHave you ever thought of what would happen if you got into a crash with a car that is not your own? Even if you are a safe driver, accidents happen unexpectedly. Here is some information you may find helpful before you get in the driver’s seat of a potentially new vehicle.

Dealership Coverage

If you test drive a used or new vehicle from a dealership, the dealer usually has an insurance policy for all of the vehicles on the lot. This means that, even if you are off the lot when the accident happens, the vehicle is usually covered. Test drive accidents are rare and often the dealership will use its own insurance to cover the cost of any repairs.

But, there is a catch. If the accident is your fault, the dealer may attempt to hold you accountable. In this situation, your insurance company can cover the damage or you can prove that the accident was not your fault. Most dealerships treat test drive accidents like accidents with rental cars.

However, if the accident was the other driver’s fault, their insurance is responsible for damages and injuries. Also, if you test drive a faulty vehicle, the dealership should have their insurance cover vehicle damages and provide compensation for any injuries.

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Traffic Deaths Up Sharply in First Six Months of 2015

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first responders at the accident sceneAccording to the National Safety Council, traffic deaths rose fourteen percent across the nation in the first six months of this year. Injuries increased by a third.

Deborah A.P. Hersman, council president, said lower gas prices and a better economy may have contributed to Americans spending more time on the road. However, it does not completely explain the rise in injuries and fatalities.

Around 19,000 people were killed in traffic accidents through June. This figure does not include data from July and August, historically high months for fatalities. Hersman states that the increases started in the last quarter of 2014.

More states are raising speed limits and drivers are distracted by texting and cell phones. The National Safety Council estimated in a spring report that a quarter of all crashes involve the use of a cellphone.

Executive director of Governors Highway Safety Association, Jonathan Adkins, noted that states have noticed this distraction trend as well in addition to the increase in fatal, injury-only and property damage-only crashes.

According to Adkins, although the trend is certainly troubling, after historic declines in deaths in recent years, it is not entirely unexpected that the numbers have begun to rise again.

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Failure to Yield Auto Accident Lawsuits

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failure yieldWhen a driver fails to yield and causes an accident due to negligence, serious injuries and fatalities may occur. The reckless driver may be liable for damages and could have to compensate injured victims if litigation is initiated.

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Failure to Yield Claims

If you have been in a car crash because of a failure to yield driver, you may be able to submit a claim against the owner of the other vehicle and the other driver for:

  • Lost wages
  • Cost of care
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering

Types of Failure to Yield Accidents

Here are six examples of a failure to yield:

  • Not stopping at a stop sign and driving into traffic before oncoming vehicles in the surrounding area have passed through the intersection.
  • Not yielding for emergency vehicles when they are engaged in emergency procedures.
  • Not yielding when merging onto a highway.
  • Not yielding at a flashing red or yellow light.
  • Not yielding when a bicyclist has the right of way.
  • Not yielding to a pedestrian when they have right of way in a crosswalk.

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The Dangers of Improper Use of a Car Seat

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baby in car seat editOn July 13, shortly before sunrise, Alfonso Beltran, his girlfriend and her three-year-old daughter were driving through an intersection at Van Buren and 67th Avenue in Phoenix when two teens ran a red light at full-speed and broadsided Beltran’s Suburban.

The Suburban went flying through the intersection, ending crumpled against a pole. During the crash, the three-year-old was thrown from her car seat out of a window. She remains in critical condition at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

This tragic accident is just one example of the devastating impact that the improper use of a car seats and child restraints can have. If your child has been injured, do not hesitate to contact our auto accident lawyers. Call 1-800-706-3000 for a free consultation.

According to repeated surveys and medical studies, about four out of five parents do no correctly install car seats. Improper use of car seats is the number one cause of child deaths across the country. Furthermore, Hispanic and Native American parents are less likely than others to buy and properly use a car seat.

Car seats, booster seats and other forms of child safety restraints are important safety devices for children. According to state data, last year, an unrestrained child under the age of five was more than 31 times more likely to die in a car accident.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, parents should keep their children in the safest type of car seat for the longest time possible: until their child reaches the maximum size and weight.

Typically, a child should stay in a rear-facing car seat from birth through three-years-old, unless they grow out of it before then. Forward-facing car seats could be appropriate for children between the ages of one and seven-years-old. A booster seat should then be used once your child has out-grown a front-facing car seat. A child should not be allowed in the seat on their own until the seatbelt properly falls on the top of their thighs and does not rub their neck or head.

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