Flu Vaccines Cause Serious Nerve Damage

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No one thinks that getting a flu shot at a flu clinic or the doctor’s office will cause a serious injury. In fact, most of us think we are protecting our health.

Unfortunately, sometimes poorly performed flu shots can cause a serious arm injury. Some patients report that they cannot move their arm after a flu shot.

Investigative journalists have found that there are flu shots that are placed too high on the shoulder that can then cause severe nerve damage.

In some cases, the nerve damage can be so severe that it requires corrective surgery. While the paralysis in the arm that received a flu shot is not always a given, more and more Americans are coming down with these injuries. In other cases where surgery is not necessary, injured patients are often placed on a regimen of powerful anti-pain medications.

Doctors say that while the injuries are not very common, improperly trained medical professionals can cause the injuries if they misplace the flu shot.

Patients are being encouraged to avoid getting shots at pharmacies. Doctors say that it is perfectly normal to be sore after a flu shot however, it is not normal to be incapacitated in the arm after a flu shot.

Not everyone who provides a flu shot at a pharmacy and clinic has been trained in the latest techniques.

The federal government provides a victim compensation fund for similar injuries. Recently, the definition of compensable injuries has been expanded to include injuries to the shoulder. 

In 1986, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act to compensate families and individuals who were harmed by vaccines and special medical products.

Under this law and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, families who have been harmed by the flu vaccine may be entitled to a cash award.

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New Arizona Ride-Sharing Law Regulates Uber & Lyft

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Uber and Lyft, California-based technology companies that link private drivers and passengers across America, are now fully regulated in Arizona.

After serious debate and consideration, the Arizona legislature finally provided a bill that Governor Doug Ducey signed into law that provides a legal structure for ridesharing applications in Arizona.

The bill, signed last Thursday, requires Uber and Lyft drivers to have background checks and carry liability insurance. Arizona joins nine other states in establishing guidelines for ridesharing companies.

In all of the states and cities where Uber and Lyft have been operating, the issue of insurance has been a key battle.

While states seek to protect consumers, Uber and Lyft have been seeking to decrease regulation and minimize their costs.

When threatened by legislation that requires them or their drivers to carry licenses to operate, Uber has pulled their operations.

The Arizona bill, which contains a few restrictions, does not seem overly burdensome to Uber’s operations.

Uber is trying to woo cities by offering to share its transit data with public officials who can use the data to make transportation decisions about public use.

Additionally, the company has endorsed a California bill that mandates insurance coverage that covers accidents when Uber drivers are carrying passengers and when they are not.

The California bill, which will go into effect this summer, resolves an issue called “gap-coverage”. Gap insurance coverage is used to describe that time period where an Uber or Lyft driver is working but is not carrying a passenger.

The insurance coverage by Uber and Lyft does not apply when there are no passengers in the car and the personal insurance policy does not apply if the driver is working. The new California bill is targeting that period where there is no insurance coverage.

Uber has adopted model insurance coverage legislation that they would like to see adopted in all states. The model legislation is based on California’s law.

It remains to be seen whether other state lawmakers will adopt similar insurance legislation to cover gap insurance issues.

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$300,000 Reward Offered 20 Years After Train Derailment Accident

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1995 train derailmentOn Friday, April 10, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) will be announcing a $5,000 increase to a monetary award that would lead to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for a 1995 train derailment in Arizona.

The reward, now up to $310,000, will be paid collectively by multiple entities.

On Oct. 9, 1995, “The Sunset Limited” train derailed in the early morning hours approximately 70 miles southwest of Phoenix, Arizona. The accident led to the death of one Amtrak employee. 12 passengers were seriously injured and approximately 100 other passengers suffered minor injuries.

An investigation found that 19 feet of rail was ripped loose, 29 spikes were pulled out and plates that connect the rails to the railroad ties were removed. The Amtrak train dropped off a railroad bridge and fell 30 feet into a dry wash area. Eight cars were derailed and four fell into the wash area, another four cars at the end of the train did not derail.

Twenty years after the accident, questions remain about who was behind the sabotage. A note found nearby claimed that the Sons of Gestapo were responsible. The note included critiques of local authorities. Some believed an anti-government group may have been behind the crash.

Train Accidents and Derailments

The U.S. has one of the best train safety records in the entire world. National train accidents have declined by 43 percent since 2004. However, railway accidents still occur each year despite the increase of safety measures. In Arizona, since 2011, more than 64 train accidents have been reported; 33 of these accidents led to fatalities.

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Powdered Alcohol Is Being Legalized

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Just add water and stir. Powdered alcohol is stirring up some mixed emotions. Some people feel the product is ingenious, others say it's irresponsible.

“Palcohol” is the brand name for a new product: powdered alcohol.  The product is marketed as an ounce of rum or vodka in powdered form, which is then added to water. Several flavors are planned including cosmopolitan, mojito, margarita or lemon drop cocktail.

According to the creator, convenience is what led the Phoenix-based company to come up with the product. He sees his mix-with-water cocktails as a “niche” product for adults who hike and lead active lives.

However, critics see another worrisome way for partygoers to get a quick buzz. They worry the product has an extremely high potential for abuse and will increase underage drinking. For example, you can put it in food. If you’re at a restaurant and you walk away, someone could put it in your water. Lawmakers are also concerned consumers will snort the substance or spike an unsuspecting person’s drink.

Studies show alcohol is the number one drug of choice for teens and the number one date-rape drug. Safety advocacy groups also note that the powdered form makes palcohol easier to get, use and hide.

Others worry how to police powdered alcohol effectively. Among the unanswered questions is how law enforcement will differentiate between palcohol and other illegal substances. After all, it will be sold as white powder that resembles cocaine or crushed MDMA. This could lead to costly, time-consuming tests for law enforcement to determine violations. There are also concerns mounting about whether powdered alcohol will counter the effectiveness of open containers, which are illegal while driving.

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Cell Phones More Distracting Than Previously Realized

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distracted driving cellIt’s no secret that distracted driving among teens is a problem. However, it turns out it’s a bigger problem than we previously thought.

Officials at AAA looked at 1,700 accident videos and found six out of 10 crashes were caused by distracted teen drivers. The study says this is four times as many as some previous government estimates.

Researchers found teen drivers who manipulated their cell phones (calling, texting) had their eyes off the road for an average of 4.1 out of the final 6 seconds leading up to a crash.

Among the top three distractions captured on camera:

  • Interacting with a passenger
  • Cell phone usage
  • Looking at something outside their car

AAA recommends that parents teach teens about the dangers of cell phone use and restrict passengers during the learning-to-drive process.

Did you know that cell phones are distracting even when you’re not using them?

Researchers say studies show the irresistibility of cell phones causes the user to become distracted, even more so than face-to-face conversations.

Researchers then put the theory to the test. Two groups of students were given assignments. The catch: one group was allowed to keep their phones in view; the other group was told to put them where they couldn’t see them.

The result: the group who couldn’t see their phones did significantly better on tasks, especially the more challenging ones.

Teen drivers have the highest crash rate of any age group and safety experts encourage parents to reinforce the importance of focusing on the road at all times.

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