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Our Phoenix Accident Attorneys are Here for the Victims of Auto Crashes in Arizona.

For several decades, the experienced lawyers at Phillips Law Group have fought for the rights of car accident victims throughout Arizona. Our law firm has worked hard to hold negligent drivers responsible for the injuries, damages, pain and suffering, and loss of wages that resulted from a car crash. 

Motor vehicle accidents are constantly on the rise as the number of drivers increase, along with hazards such as cellphones, vehicle technology and defective vehicle parts. Our Phoenix auto accident lawyers can ensure Arizona auto accident victims obtain peace of mind during a complicated and painful time, along with the ability to concentrate on what is most important: your recovery.

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Phillips Law Group Philosophy

Phillips Law Group has been a pioneer in Arizona for years. We have been offering high quality legal services with the necessary resources such as private investigators, highly trained paralegals, case managers, and experienced attorneys who dedicate their practices to specific areas of law.

We believe that having a team of experienced lawyers and the highest quality support staff helps our clients benefit from our shared resources. Over the years we have proven that we will go up against anybody to protect the rights of the average citizen. Our professional team approach does not stop in the office. We gladly make house calls and hospital visits for clients in need every day, and there is no fee for this service.

Phillips Law Group is one of Arizona's largest consumer law firms and our experienced attorneys can help you if you are injured in an Arizona car accident or been a victim of medical malpractice.

Want to Know Something Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Know?

When an attorney is hired, cases settle for two to three times more than without an attorney. 

Your Arizona Personal Injury Lawyer

We have a devoted car accident & injury department, which employs more than forty high quality personal injury attorneys, wrongful death lawyers, and support staff. If your case needs to go to trial, our trial attorneys will continue to represent you throughout your entire case. Unlike many law firms, we do NOT use outside attorneys to take over when a case is going to trial. When you hire Phillips Law Group to represent you, we will be with you every step of the way until your case is resolved.

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Phillips Law Group's attorneys have many years of legal experience and have helped many clients. Our team has obtain millions in verdicts and settlements on behalf of personal injury victims.

While Phillips Law Group's primary office is in Phoenix, Arizona, we have several offices throughout Arizona and represent clients all over the United States. Some areas of practice we cover include (but are not limited to):

...and other Pharmaceutical Litigation.

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