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Yasmin Side Effects Lawyers

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Jan 28, 2010 in Defective Drug

Yasmin is a birth control drug that's come under fire from several different angles because of the growing number of reports of Yasmin side effects. When a drug leads to harm in many people who use it, the legal world refers to these matters as 'mass tort' litigation. The Yasmin side effects lawyers at Phillips Law Group have been retained by several clients who have suffered different types of harm as a result of using Yasmin. When multiple claims are filed against one defendant, courts tend to attempt to organize these matters in different ways. That's what's happening with Yasmin lawsuits, and the attorneys at Phillips Law Group are making sure to provide their clients with timely updates regarding the progression of their claims.

Phillips Law Group Yasmin Side Effects Lawyers Named to Litigation Committees

When mass tort litigation begins to move through the court system, one of the standard steps that the courts and the attorneys will take is to organize the situation with committees. These committee roles are filled by attorneys, and three of the Yasmin side effects lawyers at Phillips Law Group have been chosen to serve on two of these committees.

Being named to these positions is important for the clients of any law firm, as the attorneys who serve on them will not only help steer the strategy and approach of the cases at issue, but the clients of those attorneys and the firm will be provided with a direct voice of advocacy as strategic decisions are made. Basically, the clients of the Yasmin side effects lawyers at Phillips Law Group can rest assured that their interests are being pursued with the utmost in diligence.

Yasmin Side Effects Case Update

Aside from these important committee assignments, the Yasmin lawsuit issue continues to move forward. Clients who have been harmed by Yasmin side effects either already have or soon will have their individual claims filed as part of the nationally coordinated proceeding. The matter has been filed in the Southern District Court in Southern Illinois. Some of the most renowned mass tort litigation law firms including Phillips Law Group are involved with this proceeding, and they include Girardi Keese, Seeger Weiss, Levin Papantonio, Burg Simpson and Weitz Luxemburg.

The Yasmin side effects lawyers at Phillips Law Group are working closely with the attorneys involved with the case and are working on putting together a strategic plan of attack for the litigation and all of the legal matters associated with it. When those harmed by a defective drug have so many different Yasmin side effects attorneys from highly respected law firms working on their case, it only provides the best chance possible for a justifiable recovery of damages for those who have been harmed.

If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of using Yasmin, you still have time to contact a personal injury attorney at Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation. Ph: 1-800-706-3000.

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