Arizona Wrongful Death Representation

At Phillips Law Group in Phoenix, Arizona we represent clients in many types of wrongful death cases. Wrongful Death is a statutory claim that may be brought by a surviving spouse, children, and parents of a decedent to compensate for losses they sustained as the result of the wrongful death of a family member. Although our attorneys primarily practice law in Arizona and California we associate with attorneys throughout the Nation to help clients injured or killed in all types of accidents.

Phoenix Wrongful Death Lawyers

Our Phoenix and Tucson area, Arizona wrongful death lawyers understand the emotional and financial devastation the families experience. When a loved one is wrongfully killed, not only is there the mental anguish understandably associated with the wrongful death, but there are often medical or hospital expenses and funeral expenses which must be addressed, as well as the loss of financial support previously provided by your loved one.

Wrongful death can result from a variety of personal injuries, including but not limited to deaths resulting from airplane crashes, automobile and motorcycle accidents, medical negligence, on the job accidents, nursing home abuse or neglect, bicycle accidents, and accidents and deaths caused by unsafe products.

AZ Accident Wrongful Death Attorneys

The "wrongful" act that resulted in a death can be intentional, reckless or negligent. However, the wrongful act must be of the character that would have permitted the decedent to maintain an action for injuries had death not resulted.

If your loved one has been the victim of an auto accident wrongful death, it is important to chose a law firm with experience in Arizona wrongful death law. The Arizona car accident attorneys with Phillips Law Group have extensive experience litigating under AZ wrongful death statutes. Arizona has statutes that deal specifically with claims allowing compensation for wrongful death. These statutes identify:

  • Who can bring a claim for wrongful death;
  • Survivors who can be compensated when there is a wrongful death; and,
  • The damages that are recoverable where there has been a wrongful death.

If you have questions or need assistance in a situation where you feel a death has been wrongfully caused by the acts of another, please contact the Phoenix wrongful death attorneys with Phillips Law Group. An appointment will be scheduled and the initial consultation is free.

Arizona Wrongful Death Representation

Our firm handles wrongful death claims for families including, loss of spouse(s), parents, children or siblings. Typically, these claims involve not only personal injuries, but also economic claims on behalf of the estate or survivors of the deceased. In many wrongful death lawsuits, claims can be made for future economic loss, meaning future wages and other potential earnings of the decedent. Medical bills and wage loss incurred prior to the death, caused by the accident, may also be recoverable. Our Phoenix personal Injury lawyers are available to discuss any potential wrongful death and survival claims which you may have.

There are many different types of wrongful death claims in AZ and we can help you no matter what type of case you have. Any type of negligent conduct that leads to another person's death can be grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit. Please contact our wrongful death lawyers with the Phoenix, Arizona firm of Phillips Law Group to discuss your case free of charge.

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