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8 Common Workplace Violations

Employment laws can vary from state to state, but knowing what your legal rights are in the workplace can help you determine if your employer is violating the Fair Labor Standards Act. From overtime to vacation pay to bonuses, employers are known for… Read More

President Obama Seeks Broad Expansion of Overtime Pay

President Obama has announced that he will be seeking a broad expansion of overtime pay. The president will be ordering the Department of Labor to require that businesses pay more overtime to the millions of workers who clock in more than 40 hours a week. Workers… Read More

Palm Trimmer Dies After Being Caught Under Palm Fronds

A Mesa palm trimmer died on Wednesday afternoon after being caught under heavy palm fronds while on the job. Working as part of a landscape crew, the man was trimming palm trees in a private residential area using a belt and spikes to climb the tree.… Read More

Supplemental Benefits under Workers Compensation

When it comes to on-the-job accidents, if theres anything more frustrating than being unable to work, its receiving a reduced paycheck because of your injuries. If you were injured at the workplace and your weekly benefits arent enough, you may be eligible… Read More

Sustaining a Head Injury at Work

Head injuries can lead to life-changing damage, and can have far-reaching consequences. When a head injury leads to brain damage, the effects can be devastating to the victim and their family. Unfortunately, most head injuries lead to permanent impairment. Commonly,… Read More

Temporary Total Benefits

Workers compensation coverage provides security for employees who are injured on the job, or in a manner relating to tasks they have performed for their employer. Temporary or total disability benefits also known as temporary total benefits helps workers… Read More

Workers' Compensation Death Benefits

Workers compensation plans can protect employees from sickness or injuries that they experience while on the job. In addition, death benefits, or survivors benefits, are extended to the surviving dependents of the employee under certain circumstances.… Read More

Workers Compensation Back Injury

Many workers across America are at risk for injuries every day. While certain industries may be more prone to hazard, an injury is possible in almost any. In 2011, there were nearly 3 million cases of non fatal injuries and illnesses in private industries… Read More

Temporary Partial Benefits

According to SCF Arizona an individual may be eligible to receive compensation benefits if they have missed work for eight or more days in a row resulting from a work related injury. Temporary partial benefits are typically paid to an employee that returns… Read More

Filing a Workers Compensation Claim

Workers compensation has been offered to United States citizens since 1908 in order to provide those who have been injured or fell ill at their workplace with financial assistance. As workers compensation laws may vary from state to state, it may be… Read More

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