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Preparing Your Car for Winter Weather

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Nov 19, 2015 in Auto Accidents

clearing snow off carIt is that time of year when temperatures drop and snow begins to fall. In fact, snow fell in Flagstaff, Arizona this past week, making it difficult for drivers to safely navigate wintertime roadways.

To avoid dangers during the chilly months ahead, it is wise to start getting your car ready for winter now.

Below are some helpful tips for preparing your car for the upcoming cold season, so you can stay safe all winter long.

Check your tires for air pressure and ample tread. Its recommended that you check tires weekly in the winter. Consider replacing older tires with tires that can grip slick roadways. Do not forget to check your spare tire as well!

Use a windshield-wiper fluid specially designed for freezing temperatures and wintery precipitation.

Be sure your vehicle's defroster, heater and wipers are in top working order.

Check the radiator and add new antifreeze. It's best to replace, clean and flush antifreeze about every two years.

Keep your gas tank closer to full during the winter months. Doing so will help prevent excess moisture from freezing in the tank and fuel lines.

Check important systems of the car, including the brakes and exhaust. Brakes are a critical safety component to your car, while the exhaust is prone to leakage during colder months.

Be sure to keep an emergency kit containing a flashlight, ice scraper, water, jumper cables, snow brush, blanket, warm clothing, snacks, flares and other important items in your vehicle.

Check all lights on your car to ensure they are working properly, including the emergency flashers, interior and exterior lights, and headlights.

And as always, remember the attorneys at Phillips Law are committed to helping you and your family stay safe on Arizona's roadways all year long.

If you have been injured in a wintertime car accident, contact the experienced Tempe car accident lawyers at Phillips Law today to discuss your legal options and to get the compensation you deserve.

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