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What Happens When a Bicyclist Causes an Accident?

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Jun 30, 2015 in Auto Accidents

beach cruiserPlenty of personal injury law firms will handle bicycle accidents in the Phoenix, Arizona area. The vast majority of the law firms seek out cases where the bicyclist was injured by a vehicle. There are even firms that only accept cases from injured bicyclists.

The reason is grounded in that many plaintiff attorneys believe that the vast majority of the times, vehicles have an absolute duty to control the roadway, and drivers are in the best positions to prevent motor vehicle accidents.

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Recent statistics bring to light that often bicyclists are responsible for vehicle accidents. A recent article in the Washington Post titled, This is what makes bicyclists blow through red lights, cites an Arizona study that found nearly forty-four percent of vehicular accidents involving bicycles are the fault of the cyclist.

Bicyclists using roadways have a duty to obey traffic laws. This means where bicycle lanes are available, cyclists should use the lanes. It means where a traffic control device requires a vehicle to stop or yield, a cyclist should stop or yield. However, the truth is that bicyclists often ignore traffic laws. They ignore red lights, they enter vehicle-only lanes, they suddenly cross in front of moving vehicles, and they speed down public sidewalks or quickly enter traffic from a public sidewalk.

A vehicle operator has a duty to control their car in the way other reasonable vehicle operators should. However, this rule doesn't give bicyclists carte blanche over roadways, and it doesn't impute liability on every driver involved in an accident where a bicycle played a role. Cyclists have a duty as well, and if it can be proved that a cyclist caused a car accident by breaching that duty, that cyclist is liable to injured drivers and passengers.

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