Warm Weather Means More Motorcycles on the Road: Guide to Avoiding Accidents

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Apr 26, 2010 in Auto Accidents

Even though Arizona is known for its warm climate, certain aspects of Arizona life remain seasonal in nature. One of those is the riding of motorcycles, which tends to rise in prevalence as the weather and calendar moves toward summer. As a result of this reality, anyone who uses public roads in the state should expect to see more motorcycles sharing the road with them.

Unfortunately, this can also lead to a higher rate of Arizona motorcycle accidents with serious injuries.

Below is a guide for avoiding these types of collisions, but if you have been injured in such a crash you should seek the help of a Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney.

Arizona Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Realizing the need to avoid motorcycle accidents should start with a look at relevant statistics. In 2008, there were more than 3,500 motorcycle accidents in Arizona, which equates to almost 10 per day somewhere in the state. In addition to the number of Arizona motorcycle accidents overall, there were more than 3,000 people who were injured and another 140 who were killed as a result of these crashes.

In addition to these statistics, additional analysis shows that Arizona motorcycle accidents are most likely to occur at or around 5:00 p.m. on weekdays and mostly on Saturdays when measuring by day of the week that they occur. This should be a clear signal to anyone that these accidents occur both when traffic is heavy and when motorcycle riding is at its highest.

How to Avoid Arizona Motorcycle Accidents

Ultimately, reducing the number of Arizona motorcycle accidents comes down to the individual drivers involved. One of the biggest reasons that motorcycle accidents occur is because those driving larger vehicles do not see motorcyclists before collisions. That's partly because the driver's eye tends to be trained to spot objects that are as large or larger than their own vehicles and because everyone who drives is prone to lapses in attention from time to time. These small lapses can lead to minor fender-benders between larger vehicles, but they can lead to serious injuries and fatalities when the collision involves a motorcycle given their smaller size and the exposure of the motorcycle driver and passengers.

Understanding when these crashes occur could also help to avoid the continued climb of Arizona motorcycle accident numbers.

If you or someone you love has been harmed in such an accident, you need to contact the Phoenix motorcycle accident attorneys at Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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