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US Postal Service (USPS) Accident Clains in Arizona

Did you know that the United States Postal Service (USPS) delivers over 160 BILLION pieces of mail each year? Such a feat requires over 550,000 employees in more than 35,000 offices, and a whopping more than 213,000 postal vehicles. With such a large number of vehicles in their fleet, it is no wonder that occasionally, USPS accidents occur on American roads./p>

While postal delivery workers are tied to their duty to deliver mail on time, they are also expected to follow safe driving practices and operate their postal truck as directed by law. Although the workers tasked with transporting mail are responsible individuals, accidents can happen to anyone, and dozens of USPS crashes occur every year.

Such accidents can be a nightmare for the Postal Service in many ways, and safety is of utmost importance to the agency, which is why the USPS established their guidelines for motor vehicle safety in compliance with the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT). These guidelines are published in a handbook aimed to promote safety among drivers and to decrease annual losses due to postal truck accidents.

Unfortunately, US Postal Service accidents happen more frequently than one might imagine. When a drivers negligence leads to an Arizona motorist being injured, the Phillips Law Group is ready to help. If you or someone you love has been injured in a crash with a Postal Service vehicle, the victim may be entitled to compensation for the injuries and damages they have sustained.

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Facts about the US Postal Service

The USPS, one of Americas most important organizations, dates back to 1775, the year that Benjamin Franklin was named the countrys first Postmaster General. The Postal Service is responsible for safe and timely mail pickup and delivery throughout the United States. Employees of the government agency have undergone special training to develop the skills necessary to meet postal demands.

Becoming an employee of the US Postal Service is no easy task. Potential USPS employees must pass training in a classroom setting as well as meet requirements for observing seasoned employees in the field. These teaching methods are aimed at properly training each employee in every aspect of Postal Service operations and providing experiential learning that can be applied in the field. Some of the goals listed in the USPS Employee and Labor Relations Manual include:

  • Gain new knowledge related to job duties, skills and abilities
  • Develop new skills and abilities related to potential duties
  • Expand ones current job responsibilities
  • Maintain education on postal systems, procedures and technologies
  • Create a career path within USPS

The US Postal Service is known for having a benefit-rich career path for its employees, and the aforementioned goals depict a culture of growth and opportunity. While letter carriers travel down their career path, it is always their responsibility to safely operate their postal truck. Despite the focus on safety and opportunity within the USPS organization, mistakes can happen. If you know someone who has been hurt in a USPS crash, they are encouraged to contact our trucking accident attorneys.

Motor Vehicle Safety in the Postal Service

In the interest of keeping safety on the brain, USPS has detailed safety policies and procedures that are outlined in the Motor Vehicle and Industrial Safety chapter of the employee manual and in the Safe Driver Program handbook. The regulations outlined in these materials are created to comply with USDOT regulations, in order to create the safest standards for driving in any location USPS serves. These materials help to promote safety and reduce the risks for a postal truck crash while maintaining efficiency in mail delivery. Some topics covered include vehicle maintenance, driver training and supervision, and accident analysis.

The USPS also provides incentives for their drivers to be safe. In partnership with the National Safety Council (NSC), the USPS Washington, D.C. Headquarters offers the Joseph M. Kaplan Safe Driver of the Year Award through the NSC Safe Driver Awards program. Aside from the Safe Driver of the Year Award, the program offers expert driver certificates for drivers who have driven a specific number of years without any traffic incidents, as well as lapel pins, plaques and an assortment of items that allow a USPS postal carrier to proudly display their status as a safe driver.

Contact Our Arizona USPS Truck Accident Lawyers

Accidents can happen to anyone, including our neighborhood postal carriers, the truckers driving 18-wheelers hauling mail across our highways, and even the pilots of aircraft transporting packages to and from our coasts. If you have been involved with an accident with a USPS truck or other vehicle, you could be entitled to compensation for injuries you suffered during the crash.

The Phillips Law Group believes that injury victims deserve justice. Although the Postal Service and its representatives may offer what sounds like a generous settlement, they want to give victims the bare minimum for the damages they have suffered. With the help of a Phoenix truck accident attorney, victims like you have the benefit of expert testimony, trial experience and other legal resources to help determine the past and future costs of their injuries.

We pursue justice for Arizona traffic accident victims through our offices in Tucson and the Phoenix metro area, where we accept clients from the following cities and towns:

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