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Two People Killed in Arizona Car Accident on Interstate 40

Sharing the road with big rigs is something that all of us who get behind the wheel of a vehicle do every day. While the drivers of these vehicles are generally well trained and highly experienced at navigating these enormous vehicles, there are limitations to what they can do and see, and when something goes wrong on a highway that involves these vehicles it can lead to disaster. Tragically, something went wrong on Interstate 40 over the weekend when an SUV collided with a tractor trailer and killed two people in an Arizona car accident.

According to authorities, this fatal Arizona car accident occurred on Friday on Interstate 40 near Mile Post 89, which is near Willows Ranch Road in Mohave County. An SUV which was occupied by 63-year-old Clark Franz of Mormon Lake and his 57-year-old wife Linda Lou collided with the side of a tractor trailer. The force of the impact spun the SUV out of control and off the road, where it collided with a rock well and overturned. Neither person in the SUV survived, and the tractor trailer did not stop, perhaps because it did not realize a crash had occurred. Police are attempting to find the driver of the big rig for questioning.

Arizona Car Accident Statistics

First and foremost, we'd like to offer our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the people who were killed in this Arizona big rig accident, as this was truly a tragic loss of two lives. In addition, this Arizona car accident will now become part of the overall statistics regarding these crashes that occur on a state-wide basis. Every year, more than 65,000 people are injured and more than 1,000 people are killed in these occurrences.

Arizona Wrongful Death Lawyers

Clearly, more information would be necessary in order to determine whether or not the driver of the tractor trailer was at fault for the crash. If he or she was, then it's possible that the family members of those who were killed could file an Arizona wrongful death lawsuit against the driver of the big rig and perhaps the trucking company once all parties are properly identified. Such a lawsuit, if successful, could bring a damages award to the family that compensates them for their medical, funeral and burial costs as well as their lost income and their loss of companionship.

If you have lost someone you love because of a negligent driver, you need to seek the help of Arizona wrongful death lawyers who have been successfully defending the legal rights of grieving families for many years. Contact Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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