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Truvada Lawsuit

truvadaAnyone who took Truvada and is suffering from serious health issues, like kidney failure or osteoporosis, may be eligible to take legal action.

The defective drug lawyers at Phillips Law Group can review your situation in a free, no-obligation consultation to determine if you may be eligible to file a Truvada lawsuit. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience representing personal injury victims and have obtained hundreds of millions in compensation. This includes recovering $23 million in a defective product lawsuit over the drug Vioxx. Founding partner Jeff Phillips is a member of the National Trial Lawyers: Top 100, an invitation-only group of the premier trial attorneys in each state or region.

If you have a case and decide to hire our firm, there will be no upfront costs. We do not charge our clients attorney’s fees unless they receive compensation at the end of the legal process.

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Determining if You May Have a Case

Every defective drug case is unique for a variety of reasons. That is why we recommend contacting our experienced law firm if you think you may be eligible to take legal action. We can discuss your medical issues and other factors that impact whether you may have a case. This may include:

  • Your diagnosed medical problems
  • The length of time you took Truvada
  • Damages you have suffered as a result of your diagnosis
  • How your medical problems impact your daily life
  • Whether you were informed of the risks of Truvada and what you were told

Our knowledgeable attorneys know how to establish liability in a defective drug case. There are several questions our defective drug attorneys may consider when trying to determine if you may have a case against Truvada’s manufacturer, Gilead Sciences, Inc. These questions may include:

  • Did Gilead Sciences know about the kinds of side effects and complications you suffered?
  • Did Gilead Sciences properly warn doctors and patients about the risks of taking Truvada?
  • Did the manufacturer attempt to mislead doctors by downplaying the risks of the medication?

Defective drug cases are quite complicated, and that is why we recommend you contact us to discuss your situation in detail with an experienced attorney. There is no risk because the consultation is free and if you have a case, you do not have to take legal action. The decision is entirely up to you on what to do next.

Call us today so we can discuss your situation. 1-800-706-3000.

What is My Claim Worth?

The value of a defective drug claim depends on several factors, including but not limited to:

  • Severity of your injuries
  • How long your injuries/medical condition may affect you
  • Damages you have suffered

If you meet with us for a free consultation, we can discuss the damages you may be able to pursue in a Truvada lawsuit, if you have a case. For example, we may be able to pursue compensation for medical bills related to treatment for the complications from the drug. This could include bills for:

  • Surgery
  • Getting a cast for a broken bone
  • Prescription medications
  • Appointments with doctors
  • Cost of traveling to and from doctor’s appointments
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Medical testing (imaging tests, blood tests, etc.)

There are many other kinds of damages that may be available in a lawsuit. For example, if your injuries have caused you to miss work, you could potentially pursue compensation for lost wages, if you have a case. When injuries are so severe that they affect your future earning capacity, you could potentially pursue compensation to make up what you would have earned if the injuries had never occurred.

When you meet with our licensed attorneys, we may also discuss noneconomic compensation we may be able to pursue on your behalf, if you have a case. This often includes the emotional trauma caused by an injury or medical condition. You may also be eligible to pursue compensation for physical pain you experience.

If you have grounds for legal action, our attorneys are prepared to pursue maximum compensation. Call today so we can discuss how we may be able to assist you.

Our office in Phoenix is located at 3101 North Central Ave. in Suite 1500, just a few miles from the Sandra Day O’Connor U.S. Courthouse.

Have Any Truvada Lawsuits Been Filed Yet?

Gilead Sciences is facing multiple lawsuits over side effects from Truvada. This includes a lawsuit filed by 41 people from 12 different states who suffered severe side effects while taking the HIV-prevention medication. These side effects included osteoporosis and serious damage to the kidneys.

The lawsuit makes numerous allegations against Gilead Sciences related to Truvada:

  • The medication is defective and unsafe for the intended purpose because it causes serious injuries
  • Continuing to market the drug despite the fact they either knew or should have known the side effects were unreasonable and dangerous
  • Knowing about a safer alternative but keeping it off the market to keep profiting from Truvada

Another eight Truvada patients filed a Truvada lawsuit against the manufacturer in April 2019. The lawsuit says Gilead Sciences intentionally kept a safer version of the drug off the market for more than 10 years. The purpose of withholding the alternative was to increase profits, according to the lawsuit.

Another allegation from the lawsuit is that Gilead Sciences kept adverse event reports and clinical trial results from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These documents showed anti-HIV drugs containing tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF), like Truvada, caused complications that were much more severe than Gilead Sciences reported.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss eligibility for a Truvada lawsuit. Our firm has a proven track record of obtaining compensation for injury victims.

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What Has the FDA Done About This?

Patients are not the only ones expressing concern about Truvada and how Gilead Sciences has marketed and promoted the drug. The FDA has told Gilead Sciences on multiple occasions to not downplay the serious risks of taking this anti-HIV drug.

Back in March 2002, the FDA sent the manufacturer a letter discussing statements made by Gilead Sciences representatives at a conference attended by doctors. The FDA letter says these representatives told doctors there was no risk of kidney failure or bone density loss from Truvada. They said these things even though the warning label discussed the possibility of kidney problems and broken bones.

A little more than one year later, the FDA sent out another letter telling Gilead Sciences it needed to stop minimizing the risks and exaggerating the benefits of Truvada. The letter said a company representative attended an AIDS conference but did not discuss the severe risks from antiretroviral medications, like Truvada. Specifically, the FDA said representatives did not discuss the risk of liver enlargement.  

Studies Linking Truvada to Serious Side Effects

Truvada’s active ingredient, TDF, is meant to block pathways for an HIV infection to spread. When taken by people who are not already infected by the HIV virus, Truvada is meant to lower the risk of infection. The medication can also be used to treat people infected with the HIV virus and lower their risk of spreading it to others.

However, research has shown a connection between TDF and severe, possibly life-threatening side effects.

Kidney Disease/Impairment

Truvada is meant to be taken in high doses to prevent the spread of the HIV virus. Unfortunately, this can be very hard on the kidneys since they flush drugs out of the body. This can put patients at risk for chronic kidney disease and even kidney failure.

According to a study done by the University of California, San Francisco and San Francisco VA Medical Center, for each year someone takes a drug containing TDF, his or her risk of chronic kidney disease goes up 33 percent. Even patients who stopped taking the drug had an increased risk for kidney disease for between six months to a year after they discontinued the medication. The study was published in 2012 and involved 10,000 individuals infected with HIV.

There are many symptoms of kidney damage to watch for, particularly if you are taking an anti-HIV drug like Truvada. Symptoms can include:

  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Vomiting
  • Dehydration
  • Changes in skin color
  • Decreased urine
  • Cramping

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should seek medical attention immediately to find out what is going on.


Taking Truvada for a long period of time can result in a buildup of toxicity that may affect bone density. Some people who took Truvada suffered decreases in bone density and were diagnosed with osteoporosis. This medical condition is characterized by soft, brittle, thin bones that have a much higher risk of fracturing or breaking.

In 2011, a study was published showing there was a higher risk of fractures for people taking Truvada compared to people who were not on this drug. The study found significant declines in the density of Truvada patients’ bones.

Our attorneys welcome an opportunity to discuss the health problems you are suffering from and whether you may be eligible to file a Truvada lawsuit.

Call Today to Discuss Eligibility to File a Truvada Lawsuit

The licensed attorneys at Phillips Law Group are here to answer your questions about potential legal options after suffering severe health issues while taking Truvada. There are no upfront fees for contacting our firm to discuss how we may be able to help you. There is also no obligation on you to take legal action, if we determine you may have a case.

If we determine you may have a case and you choose to be represented by one of our attorneys, we are prepared to manage the legal process on your behalf. We are prepared to pursue the compensation you may be eligible to receive for any damages you may have suffered.

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