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Arizona is a state that's known for heavy trucking traffic. Phoenix is a premier destination for shipped goods, and countless other big rigs travel through the state on their way to delivery locations in California. Unfortunately, this leads to a high amount of Arizona trucking accidents, and if you or someone you love has been harmed in such an incident, you need the help of an Phoenix auto accident lawyer.

Below you'll find information regarding the nature of trucking accidents in Arizona, trucking accident statistics in Arizona, the difficulties that can arise in bringing a legal claim after a trucking accident and finally how you should proceed if you or someone you love has been harmed in a trucking accident in Arizona.

The Nature of Trucking Accidents in Arizona

Drivers of large trucks must go through rigorous training and qualify for special drivers licenses in order to be allowed to navigate these enormous vehicles. Despite this high level of training and skill, there are difficulties and challenges inherent in driving a large truck. These vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and must share the roads with much smaller vehicles.

In addition, large trucks and tractor trailers must work their way through the same types of elements that any other vehicle must deal with. However, driving large vehicles can be more difficult when traffic conditions are heavy, when the weather is difficult and especially when sudden maneuvers are required.

All of these realities lead to a high number of AZ trucking accidents. In 2008 alone, there were more than 6,300 trucking accidents in the state. More than 100 of these crashes were fatal and more than 1,600 Arizona trucking accidents involved injury. These numbers have held surprisingly steady in recent years as well. This translates to more than 17 trucking accidents in the state every day and more than four injury crashes on a daily basis. In addition, more than two fatal trucking accidents occurred in Arizona every week during 2008.

Why You Need a Phoenix Trucking Accident Lawyer

It is common knowledge that almost every trucking accident leaves behind a wake of devastation. Thats for the obvious reason that these vehicles are extremely large and heavy yet still travel at the same speeds as much smaller vehicles. Basic physics should tell anyone that these variables lead to these disastrous results.

Aside from the obvious damage done by every 18 wheeler accident, those who have been injured in an Arizona trucking accident face difficult questions when deciding whether or not to bring a legal claim in an attempt to recover for their injuries and other forms of loss. The most common difficulty involves naming the proper defendant, an obstacle that can be easily overcome with the help of a Phoenix auto accident attorney.

When someone is injured by a truck driver who was at fault for the accident, there are several possibilities that could exist in terms of the identity of the defendant. If the truck driver was an employee for a trucking company, it could be appropriate to name both the driver and the trucking company as defendants.

However, the situation becomes more complicated if the AZ truck driver was an independent contractor or a sole proprietor, as the question of whether the trucking company whose name appears on the vehicle should be named as a defendant becomes muddled and confusing. It can come down to the contractual relationship that exists between the driver and the trucking company.

In addition to naming the proper defendant or defendants to a trucking accident lawsuit, additional challenges can arise when it comes to the discovery phase of litigation. Discovery is basically the exchange of information that could serve as evidence for the parties when the matter goes to trial. There are several technicalities involved with the trucking industry, as its heavily regulated by the federal government.

For instance, regulations exist with the federal government that involve the truck drivers logs, the cargo that he or she is carrying, how that cargo was loaded, the weight of the cargo, who loaded the cargo, whether that cargo was properly registered as dangerous and many other questions that can arise. This could lead to mistakes that include failing to ask for certain evidence if someone who does not possess the proper level of experience is handling the discovery phase of an Arizona 18 wheeler accident lawsuit.

Phoenix Lawyers Can Help You Obtain Justice

Therefore, rather than attempting to handle a situation such as an Arizona trucking accident by yourself, you need to seek the help of an experienced and skilled Phoenix injury lawyer. Contact the Arizona big rig accident attorneys at the Phoenix law firm of Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation. The firm has decades of collective experience in holding truck drivers and trucking companies accountable for the injuries and other damages they've caused, so contact the firm today to make sure that your rights are properly protected and enforced.

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