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Arizona Truck Driving Schools

In a study recently released by the Arizona Department of Transportation, it was noted that in 2011there were approximately 12,351 automotive accidents that involved large trucks or commercial vehicles. Of those collisions, more than 6,000 people were injured and another 109 were fatally wounded.

While there are often many different conditions that can cause a truck accident, what these statistics indicate is that there is a definite need for continued driver driver education and development.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving a truck or a commercial vehicle, the injury victim may be eligible to receive compensation for their injuries - including any medical and rehabilitation treatment costs, pain and suffering and property damage reimbursement.

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AZ Driving School List

While the many driving courses can provide a commercial vehicle operator with the basic skills to operate a large truck, semi trailer or other, similar type of vehicle, it's always a good practice for drivers to continue their driving education by attending a school that is dedicated to driver skill advancement.

Some of these facilities in Arizona include:

Name of Riding School City Contact Phone
AIT Truck Driver Training Phoenix (602) 457-3294
Arizona CDL Phoenix (602) 278-9159
Glendale Community College Glendale (623) 845-3294
HDS Truck Driving Institute Tuscon (877) 205-2141
Limitless CDL Flagstaff (928) 814-6679
M.S Carriers & Driving Phoenix (602) 353-4045
Mesa Community College Mesa (480) 461-7000
Phoenix Truck Driving Institute Phoenix (877) 205-5372
Pima Community College Tuscon (520) 206-4500
Sage Truck Driving School Kingman (866) 622-2351
Southwest Truck Driver Training Phoenix (877) 990-0808
Swift Driving Academy Phoenix (800) 800-2200
Yuma Truck Driving School Yuma (888) 647-3247
CDL Truck School & Rental Phoenix (623) 465-0418
Conchise College Wilcox (520) 384-4502
Conchise College Douglas (520) 364-7943
Conchise College Sierra Vista (800) 966-7943
Western Truck School Phoenix (602) 266-5250
Western Truck School Tuscon (520) 806-8290
Western Truck School Tuscon (520) 798-1871

As with most schools, many of the companies listed above provide a combination of both written and practical knowledge assessment tasks.

How A Truck Driving School Can Help You

Professional drivers often spend hundreds of hours every year driving on the roads, highways and bi-ways throughout the great state of Arizona and beyond.

With this in mind, attending a driving school can help provide a host of skills which can include:

  • Increased driver awareness
  • Enhanced driver skills
  • Bad weather driving ability
  • Ability to drive different vehicles - b-doubles, 18 wheelers, tow truck, cab-forward, tanker truck
  • Become a more responsible driver
  • Training for emergency situations
  • Accident avoidance techniques

.... just to name a few.

Needless to say, most insurance companies also offer some form of policy discounts for safe drivers, which is another incentive for many owner-operators.

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Here at Phillips Law, we are responsible members of our local communities, with a vested interest in helping motorists to stay safe on the roads of our state. However, our injury attorneys in Phoenix also understand that accidents can happen, and in many cases, those collisions are caused due to the error of a negligent driver.

With this in mind, we can provide comprehensive legal counsel for injury victims throughout Arizona, and are prepared to fight for your MAXIMUM injury compensation.

We have offices located in:

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.... and many other cities and towns statewide.

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