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Truck Accident Statistics in Arizona

In 2012, the United States Census Bureau estimated that 6,553,255 people were living in the state of Arizona. Of course, this total number does not include tourism, people traveling through the state, and large trucks transporting people, goods, and services.

Arizona alone has some of the most dangerous roads in the entire United States, including Interstate 10 from Phoenix to California, which was named one of the most dangerous roads by Popular Mechanics. This 150 stretch alone experiences an average of 85 deaths per year, as the entire state averages 700 traffic deaths every year.

Many of these fatalities may be contributed to drivers acting in a negligent manner, along with accidents involving large trucks. In fact, in 2012, the Arizona Department of Transportation reported a total of 12,413 truck and bus accidents, 97 fatalities, 2,728 injuries, and 516 cases of damaged property. While many people may not believe a large amount of truck accidents occur throughout the state, there are actually more than expected.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed by a negligent truck driver, our truck accident lawyers believe the victim may be eligible to receive compensation for their losses and damages. Our truck accident lawyers have represented dozens of injured victims and their families throughout the years and are prepared to represent you in seeking justice.

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Arizona Truck Collision Statistics

The following statistics demonstrate the large amount of truck accidents which have occurred across our roadways in 2012, and include the type of truck involved in the accident. These Arizona truck accident statistics include:

  • Tractor Trailer 2,573 Total 48 Fatal 572 Injured
  • Concrete Mixer Trucks 42 Total 0 Fatal 10 Injured
  • Dump Trucks 179 Total 2 Fatal - 42 Injured
  • Garbage Trucks 124 Total 2 Fatal 18 Injured
  • Tanker Trucks 29 Total 0 Fatal 8 Injured
  • Tow Trucks 133 Total 0 Fatal 27 Injured
  • Fire Trucks 50 Total 0 Fatal 3 Injured
  • School Bus 201 Total 1 Fatal 52 Injured
  • Motor Home 152 Total 3 Fatal 126 Injured
  • Other Truck Combinations 8,120 Total 39 Fatal 2,650 Injured

Keep in mind that these statistics merely demonstrate one year of truck accident statistics, while the numbers throughout the years have been relatively consistent as most passenger vehicle drivers are not aware of the dangers driving near these vehicles.

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From the total 343,553 commercial vehicles registered in the state of Arizona; a percentage of these vehicles resulted in serious injuries and fatalities. These injuries and fatalities may result in increased medical expenses and sudden pain and suffering to people involved in the accident, along with family members. As a result, many people will begin exploring their legal options, while many attorneys do not charge for their initial case evaluation.

Truck accident injury claims are often extremely complex, as there are typically many entities involved. This makes it extremely difficult for injured victims to recover the compensation they deserve for their losses and damages. However, by obtaining legal representation, an injured victim can have the benefit of experience operating on their behalf, taking these worries away and focusing on their recovery.

At Phillips Law Group our Arizona injury lawyers have handled numerous claims relating to truck accidents, and doing so, we have found that the sooner a victim seeks legal guidance, the better. This enables lawyers to gather critical information about the accident including witness testimonies, medical documents, and other evidence needed to formulate a strong case against the negligent individual.

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