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Triad Group Announces Recall of Iodine Prep Pads

Iodine is a substance that provides people with many different uses and benefits, and this substance can be purchased and used by consumers for many different reasons. However, products that provide this boost of iodine for people need to be manufactured properly, as any problems that arise with these products can prove to be extremely dangerous or worse. As such, the iodine prep pads recall announced by the Triad Group is one that should be heeded by as many people as possible.

The company initiated this iodine prep pad recall because the United States Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has expressed concerns regarding the contamination of an organism known as Elizabethkingia meningoseptica. This organism is dangerous, and if it invades the systems of certain people who would be at risk, it could prove to be deadly in certain cases. Those who are at risk include surgical patients and those who have suppressed immune systems that make them vulnerable to viruses and bacteria.

This is not the only recent recall problem that has been encountered by the Triad Group. In 2010, the company had to issue an urgent recall of alcohol swab products because of potential contamination issues. The company was actually sued by the parents of a 2-year-old boy in Texas who died after surgery, and the parents alleged that the use of the alcohol swabs was what led to the little boy's death. The company is based in the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin and manufactures these types of cleaning products.

Arizona Defective Products Lawyers

When products such as these are released onto the market and people use them assuming that they are safe, the problems that can arise after using contaminated cleaning swabs can be sudden and can lead to much confusion when people fall ill. That's because few if any people would suspect that using such products could be the source of the problem. In addition, when people are suffering in this regard, it only makes things more difficult in terms of using sound judgment in deciding how to handle the aftermath.

If you or someone you love is in this situation because of trusting a dangerous product, you need to seek the help of Arizona defective products lawyers who have been holding those responsible for this type of harm accountable for many years. Contact the Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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