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Phoenix Train Accident Lawyers

When you combine daily gridlock and rising fuel costs, one could easily understand why many people begin to look for alternative transportation, as the choice seems to have become sit in traffic and suffer daily or find another solution for millions of people, all while fuel continues to cost more. One solution is commuter trains.

Although statistics generally show that train accidents occur at a much lower rate than automobile crashes, especially in an area like Phoenix, when they do occur they tend to generate media coverage given their tendency to leave behind a wake of devastation.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a train crash, you need to obtain medical attention as soon as possible. Even if you do not feel any physical symptoms, you should still be examined to make sure that no undetectable injuries did occur. You should also contact an accident attorney to schedule a free initial consultation, as you need to know what your legal rights and options may be when a cause for the accident is determined.

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Train Accidents Lawyers Helping Sort through Complicated Issues

Traveling and shipping goods by train has always been a mainstay of the American economy. Train lines extend from one border to the other, and there is no indication that this mode of transportation will ever go away. Unfortunately, train accidents also happen from time to time, and the results of such occurrences are always devastating. If you find yourself in this situation, you need the help of an experienced Phoenix car accident lawyer.

Below youll find information regarding train accident statistics in the United States and common causes of them, how a train accident attorney can help if you or someone you love has been injured or killed in an Arizoan train accident, and finally how you should proceed if you need the assistance of a Phoenix personal Injury lawyer to make sure that your legal rights are properly protected and enforced.

Train Accident Statistics and Common Causes

Train accidents occur with more frequency than most would assume in the United States, and a quick look at these statistics as reported by the Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis just from the calendar year of 2009 tends to support this notion. Consider the following:

2009 Train Accident Statistics in the United States

  • Total accidents/incidents: 10,529
  • Number of fatal train accidents: 666
  • Number of train accident fatalities: 713
  • Total non-fatal conditions: 7,323

These statistics are a compilation of all trains in the United States that include both traditional railroad accidents and highway-rail incidents. This results in approximately three train accidents per day in the United States alone.

Common Causes of Train Accidents in the United States

In terms of common causes of train accidents, there are some situations that arise more than others. Examples of common causes of railroad accidents and train accidents with automobiles include:

  • Speeding
  • Obstructions blocking the railroad tracks
  • Malfunctioning equipment including warning bells, warning lights and crossing arms
  • Failure to properly warn other vehicles of an approaching train by the conductor
  • Limited vision
  • Derailment
  • Collisions with other trains
  • Poorly constructed and/or poorly designed railroad crossings

While there are other causes of train accidents in the United States, the examples above tend to be disturbingly common, and each of them could be traced to some form of negligence.

How a Phoenix Train Accident Lawyer Can Help

If you or someone you love has been injured in an Arizona train accident, you face a difficult struggle if you intend to enforce your legal rights by yourself. There are many reasons for this difficulty, and below are a few examples of why you should seek the help of an Arizona accident lawyer if you find yourself in this difficult situation.


Railroads are regulated by the federal government, and this means that if youve been injured by a train that carries cargo across state lines, for example, you could find yourself in federal court while enforcing your rights. Federal courts are much different than state courts and involve different rules, regulations and norms.

The Opponent

Another potential problem could arise if you or someone you love has been harmed on a commuter train. These trains tend to either be run by the local government or a private corporation, and regardless of which, these are challenging opponents. Each of them will possess an array of defense attorneys whose job it is to limit the liability their clients face.

The Proof

When someone is involved in an Arizona auto accident, its common that he or she will be able to identify the cause of that accident in at least a preliminary manner. However, when train accidents occur, few if any passengers will understand what went wrong and which party or parties should be responsible for victim injuries. Thats because most people are not familiar with the rules involved with navigating a train and most are not even aware of whats happening as the train moves along the tracks.


As stated above, the federal government heavily regulates railroads, and trains of all types are regulated by governments of different levels. As a result, there are countless regulations involved with the proper maintenance and operation of these vehicles, and failure to meet the standards of even one of these regulations could mean that those charged with managing the train at issue are negligent. However, many people are simply not aware of all of these regulations.

Contact an Arizona Train Accident Lawyer Today to Protect Your Legal Rights

Even though asserting your rights in the aftermath of an Arizona train accident can be extremely difficult if you do so by yourself, it does not mean that there is not help available. Contact the Phoenix train accident lawyers at the law firm of Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation, as the firm has a long track record of holding those responsible for these incidents accountable.

Major Railroad Companies:

  • Amtrak
  • Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway
  • Canadian National Railway
  • Canadian Pacific Railway
  • CSX Transportation
  • Kansas City Southern Railway
  • Norfolk Southern Railway
  • Union Pacific Railroad
  • Montana Rail Link
  • Soo Line Railroad

Topics on this Page:

  • Common Causes of Train Accidents
  • Train Accident Statistics
  • How a Train Accident Lawyer Can Help
  • Negligent Operation of a Vehicle
  • Lawsuit Jurisdiction
  • Railroad Regulation
  • What Parties are Responsible
  • Commuter Trains
  • Hire an Experienced Train Accident

Major Train Accidents:

  • Metrolink Train Collision - 9/08, 25 killed, 135 Injured, caused by engineer texting
  • Amtrak Passenger Train Strikes Vehicle - 7/09, 5 people in vehicle killed
  • Washington Metro Trains Collide - 6/09, 9 people killed, deadliest incident in subway history
  • Boston MBTA Trains Collide - 5/08, train crashed into rear of another train of same line, Conductor killed, 9 injured
  • Massachusetts MBTA Train Crash - 3/08, Runaway Box Car Struck, 150 injured
  • Chicago Amtrak Crashes into COFC Freight Train - 11/07, many passengers injured, speed confusion blamed

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