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Toyota Wants Claims Consolidated

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Mar 26, 2010 in Class Action Lawsuits

When a company faces a litany of legal claims against it, it's common for the defendant to look for ways to make their problem simpler. One of those common strategies is to ask the court to consolidate claims into one central action. This strategy clearly allows defense attorneys to work on one set of claims and to prepare for one large action instead of dozens or hundreds. This appears to be the step that Toyota wants to take as legal claims continue to arise all over the United States.

Regardless of what decision is made, anyone who has been harmed because of driving a defective Toyota should still take the step of contacting a Toyota recall lawyer.

The Numbers In Regards to Claims Against Toyota

As of this writing, the number of claims against Toyota is enormous, and all indications are that it will continue to grow. Attorneys for the troubled company stated that they could face as many as 138 class action lawsuits and at least another 97 individual claims for personal injury. The vast majority of these claims appear to be seeking compensation for damages suffered as a result of defective accelerator pedals that led to uncontrolled and unexpected acceleration when these pedals became stuck in an improper position.

Toyota attorneys want the case/cases to be tried in Los Angeles, where Toyota has its corporate headquarters in the United States. However, several plaintiffs' attorneys have asked for the venue to be in such locations as Kentucky, where Toyota has a large manufacturing plant and Louisiana, New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina, New York among other locations.

One potential problem with consolidating the cases, however, is that some of the claims are not that the accelerator pedals simply stuck near the floor, but that faulty electronic throttle controls were actually the problem. In addition, some are alleging that Toyota knew about this problem for more than a decade and covered it up for fear of exactly what's happening presently.

If you or someone you love has been harmed by driving a defective Toyota, you need to take action while these cases are building. Contact a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix at Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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