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Sierra Vista Ambulance Accident Injures Several People

Everyone who learns to drive understands that when an ambulance or another emergency vehicle is on the road, they need to be given plenty of room to maneuver. These vehicles can take sudden turns and change speeds rapidly. Unfortunately, it's possible that one driver was following an ambulance that was transporting a patient too closely recently in a Sierra Vista ambulance accident that injured at least two and as many as four people. Police are investigating the incident.

The Sierra Vista ambulance accident at issue occurred on Friday morning on Highway 90 about 150 yards south of Airport Road. Apparently, the ambulance involved in the accident had slowed down because there was debris on the road. The driver of a Volkswagen that was trailing the ambulance subsequently slammed into the ambulance from behind. The driver of the ambulance along with a nurse who was riding in the back and a technician were taken to a nearby hospital with varying degrees of injuries.

Arizona Car Accident Statistics

First, we'd like to extend our hope that everyone who was injured in this Sierra Vista car accident is able to overcome their pain and suffering. In addition, this incident will now become part of the overall statistics regarding Arizona car accidents. Every year, more than 140,000 such accidents occur, leading to more than 65,000 injuries and to more than 1,000 fatalities.

Arizona Car Accident Lawyers

Although more investigation would likely need to be done, it seems that the driver of the Volkswagen could have been negligent for following the ambulance too closely to be able to avoid the collision. If that's the case, it's possible that those who were injured in this crash could file Arizona personal injury lawsuits against that driver. If these claims were filed and were successful, it could lead to an award of damages that compensate them for their medical costs, lost income and pain and suffering.

If you or someone you love has been harmed in a collision, seek the help of Arizona car accident lawyers who have been holding negligent drivers accountable for the harm they have caused for many years. Contact Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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