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Several Phoenix Car Accidents Involving 69 Vehicles Send Six to Hospital

When chain reaction car accidents occur, disaster can instantly follow. This is especially true when chain reaction car accidents occur on an interstate, where people are moving at high rates of speed and there is little if any time to react and to avoid an accident that's happening. Unfortunately, this appears to be what occurred on Saturday evening when a Phoenix car accident involving 69 vehicles sent six people to hospitals and injured two people significantly. Police are still attempting to trace the cause of the crash.

According to authorities, this latest Phoenix car accident occurred on Saturday evening at approximately 6:30 p.m. There were actually three separate crashes in rapid succession in the area where this incident occurred on westbound Interstate 10 near Washington Avenue downtown. While there appears to be no defined cause for this incident, police did mention that a sudden rain storm arose at approximately that time, and summer monsoons in Phoenix can strike quickly and dump enormous amounts of precipitation on roads in a short amount of time. Most should feel fortunate that no one was killed in this incident.

Arizona Car Accident Statistics

First, we'd like to offer our hope that those people who were injured are able to recover from their harm. In addition, we should all feel fortunate that this incident did not result in more injuries. In addition, this massive Phoenix car accident will only add to the overall statistics regarding Arizona car accidents. Every year, more than 140,000 Arizona car accidents occur, leading to more than 65,000 injuries and more than 1,000 fatalities.

Phoenix Car Accident Lawyers

It could take some time before the police are able to identify the cause of the accident, as an incident that's this enormous will be difficult to sort through and organize in terms of chronology. However, those who were injured could have legal rights and options that include the filing of an Arizona personal injury lawsuit if a cause of the accident is defined and fault is assigned. If such claims were successful, those who were harmed could win damages that compensate them for medical costs, lost income and pain and suffering.

If you or someone you love has been harmed in a collision, you need to seek the help of Phoenix car accident lawyers who have been holding negligent drivers accountable for the injuries they have caused for many years. Contact Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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