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Several People Injured in Shoot-Out Between Rival Motorcycle Gangs

Motorcycle gangs are not well thought of by the general public, as they carry with them a reputation for thuggery, abuse of others and for generally engaging in criminal activities. While this paints motorcycle gangs with somewhat of a large brush, the incident that occurred over the weekend between two rival motorcycle gangs will do nothing but reinforce those attitudes with the general public. A shoot-out took place on Saturday in which it's believed that at least 50 rounds were fired, bringing dozens of law enforcement officials to the scene in a rush.

According to police, this Arizona motorcycle gang shoot-out took place on Saturday in the small town of Chino Valley, which is just north of Prescott. No one has yet identified the underlying cause of this shoot-out, but based on the number of rounds fired and the extreme danger that was created, 27 people were arrested for charges ranging from attempted murder to participation in a criminal street gang. It's believed that at least five people were injured in this shoot-out, but no one has been killed as of this time.

Arizona Intentional Torts

While this may seem to be a matter for criminal court, it could also lead to civil claims being filed against those who were involved in this incident. Any innocent bystanders who were in the area at the time were put in a position of extreme danger, and Arizona law dictates that anyone who is injured during the commission of a crime or an intentional act who could have been foreseen as being harmed could bring a claim against those responsible for these injuries. It's all but certain that police have identified at this point whether any innocent bystanders were in the area, but they have not yet released this information.

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