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Confidential Settlements Hide Information from Takata Victims

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Nov 18, 2014 in Defective Products


Takata Corp. has settled several lawsuits regarding its defective air bags prior to the claims revealing any damaging information in court.

Takata entered into at least five confidential settlements, and is in mediation with others. The claims regarding Takata's defective air bags have generally been resolved quickly, and without litigation.

While quick settlements are beneficial for those particular claimants, the lack of litigation also means that potentially damaging information is kept confidential from other people who may have been injured by the defective airbags.

Much of the most damaging information in products liability cases is reviewed through the litigation process. Attorneys for both sides are required to produce documentation which may shed light on the development and production of defective products, and often leads to additional lawsuits when this information becomes public record. Because these cases have settled so quickly, Takata has not had to produce this documentation in court.

Takatas airbags are part of at least ten different manufacturers vehicles, and have led to the recall of over 14 million automobiles worldwide. According to the current theories on the cause of the defective airbags, regulators believe that the chemical propellant which causes the airbag to deploy can degrade in hot and humid weather. The propellant can become unstable, causing the airbags to deploy with so much force that the metal housing surrounding the airbag is also shattered in the event of a collision. When the airbag deploys, these pieces of shrapnel fly out of the airbag, striking the driver's face and neck, causing serious injury or death.

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