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Reports of New Problems Regarding the Toyota Prius Emerge

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Feb 13, 2010 in Class Action Lawsuits

Toyota is a brand that's been taking a beating in recent weeks, and to date more than 8 million units have been recalled, mostly due to problems with the accelerator pedal sticking in an improper position. In addition, other reports have surfaced regarding problems with the braking system on the Toyota Prius, one of the highest-selling models of automobiles in the world.

However, even more reports are now emerging regarding another potential problem with the Prius, that being the possibility that the vehicle's cruise control system is defective. More and more Toyota recall lawyers are being asked to help as the number of these problems appears to continue to grow.

The Latest Problem with the Toyota Prius

Recent reports have concerned a specific malfunction with the Prius. That potential defect deals with the cruise control function. When drivers hit the 'Resume' button on the cruise control to return to the speed at which the car was previously set, the Prius has shown a tendency to accelerate well beyond the original speed setting. This has led to several drivers having to take emergency action in order to avoid potentially catastrophic consequences.

Some reports have included the need to slam on the brakes at high speeds and to run the vehicle off the road while forcing the vehicle into neutral in an attempt to bring the car to a stop.

Toyota Denies the Problem

Clearly, Toyota is a company that's fallen on hard times in recent weeks and months with more than one record-breaking recall. As of now, the company is denying that there is a problem with the cruise control function within the Prius, but as reports continue to grow in number, the scrutiny will only intensify.

One automobile safety watchdog group has stated that it has received at least 10 reports of serious problems with the Prius cruise control, and others are beginning to take notice.

If you or someone you love has been harmed or is at risk because of a defective Toyota Prius cruise control function, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer that is based in Phoenix, AZ at Phillips Law Group immediately to schedule a free initial consultation.

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