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Attorneys For Your Arizona Car Accident Insurance Claim

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Feb 10, 2011 in Auto Accidents

More than 140,000 Arizona car accidents occur every year somewhere in the state. Most of these accidents will result in the filing of at least one if not more than one insurance claims so that those who have suffered losses can recover their damages based on the language of their insurance policies. Unfortunately, filing an insurance claim and obtaining a fair and equitable settlement for damages is not always an easy or smooth process. Those who have encountered these problems would likely advise anyone in this position to seek the help of a Phoenix auto insurance dispute lawyer. Below are a few reasons as to why this would be an advisable step to take.

Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuits for Auto Accidents in AZ

One of the most basic reasons to obtain legal representation in this situation is because insurance companies are for-profit corporations. What this means is that they are not necessarily working on your behalf or for your best interests. There are many variables that define a company's profit margin, and when it comes to insurance companies, profit is largely defined by the amount in claims liability that is paid out in any given year. Therefore, the less that is paid out, the higher the profit margin will be, which ultimately will result in a higher stock price. This reality should never be forgotten by any policyholder.

Phoenix Insurance Lawyers Fight for Higher Settlements

In addition to the business reality behind insurance companies, there are tactics they will employ in order to either avoid the payment of a claim altogether or to escape a situation by paying only a minimal amount of what should have been provided to a policyholder and/or to an injured party. Examples of these tactics include endless delays such that the statute of limitations becomes a problem, burying people in paperwork that is confusing and leads to its own form of delay and the use of basic runaround tactics that will lead some people to simply give up.

Obtaining the help of an Phoenix bad faith insurance attorney will likely allow someone who is rightfully due a settlement to avoid all of these tactics or at least to minimize their use. Insurance companies will generally not want to risk enormous liability in the form of litigation, and the presence of an attorney will serve as notice that litigation will commence if the situation is not handled properly. If you need this type of help, contact the personal injury attorneys at  Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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