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Phoenix Bus Accident Lawyers Holding Negligent Parties Accountable

Public transit buses are a constant in every city in Arizona, especially Phoenix, and most people either use them or see them without giving them another thought. Unfortunately, public transit bus accidents do occur from time to time, and when they do the results can be catastrophic for many reasons. When this situation arises, those who have been harmed need the immediate help of an experienced Phoenix bus accident lawyer.

Below youll find information regarding some of the reasons that public transit bus accidents create a large amount of devastation, the difficulties that can arise if someone who is injured decided to file a lawsuit against the public transit busing authority and finally how you should proceed if you or someone you love has been harmed in an Arizona public transit bus accident.

Factors That Lead to Devastation in Arizona Public Transit Bus Accidents

When a public transit bus gets into an accident, the results in terms of damage, injuries and the risk of fatalities are often greater than those involved with an auto accident that occurs between two private vehicles. There are many reasons for this reality, and below are a few examples of why Arizona public transit bus accidents are so dangerous.

The Enormous Size and Odd Shape of Public Transit Buses

Public transit buses are huge vehicles, weighing several tons. However, they still have the ability to travel at high rates of speed, and basic physics should tell anyone that when a large vehicle thats moving as quickly as a smaller one collides with another vehicle or an object, a tremendous amount of force is generated. This force is often inflicted upon the passengers of the Arizona public transit bus.

In addition to the large size of these vehicles, public transit buses also tend to be top-heavy in order to provide more comfort in the cabin for passengers. While this comfort is important and increases capacity, it also leads to danger in that these vehicles have a tendency to roll over when either a crash occurs or the bus makes sudden and evasive movements.

Unprotected Bus Passengers Are in Extreme Danger

Coupled with the top heavy nature of public transit buses and the danger this weight distribution creates during an accident is the fact that the passengers on the bus are largely unprotected. Many buses do not have seatbelts or other safety devices designed to protect the passengers from the force of a collision, and when the bus either collides with something or turns over on its side the passengers can be thrown about the cabin and into glass windows, steel bars and other dangerous objects that can lead to serious injuries and fatalities.

In addition to the lack of protection for passengers, there is also additional danger created for them in that many who ride the bus do so in order to avoid having to concentrate on the road. Arizona Bus passengers may be talking on their phones, working or reading a newspaper while the bus moves around town. This lack of attention to the surrounding environment means that many passengers are not in the least bit prepared for a collision and are utterly helpless when such a situation arises.

Lack of Handling Capabilities in a Transit Bus

Most of us have had to take sudden and evasive action at some point in our lives when behind the wheel of a vehicle. When we take this action, we often react instinctively and without thinking about how the vehicle will respond to our brains signals that transmit to our arms and feet. The same can be said for anyone driving a public transit bus. When a bus driver needs to make these sudden moves, these large vehicles do not have the engineering to respond to these sudden movements and can lead to failure to avoid the danger and even create additional danger if the bus turns too quickly and winds up on its side.

Why You Need the Help of a Phoenix Bus Accident Lawyer

Aside from the dangerous realities that exist for passengers involved in a public transit bus accident, there are also difficulties that can arise if someone chooses to pursue a legal claim against the busing authority Valley Metro for damages suffered. Generally, public transit buses are owned or controlled by the local municipality.

Pursuing a legal claim for personal injury against a municipality usually involves several additional steps, procedures and technicalities that all must be satisfied in order for a claim to proceed. Even one minor mistake in this regard can put an otherwise valid legal claim in immediate jeopardy.

Rather than attempting to navigate these complicated waters by yourself while you recover from your injuries, you should seek the help of an experienced Arizona bus accident lawyer. The Phoenix law firm of Phillips Law Group has decades of collective experience in holding defendants of all types accountable for negligence. Contact the firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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