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Proving Fault in Arizona Slip and Fall Accidents

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Aug 02, 2010 in Personal Injury

One of the most common types of Arizona personal injury claims involves the issue of the slip and fall accident. This is also known as premises liability, and proving fault in these situations generally involves two steps. While this attempt to prove liability in an attempt to recover justifiable compensation for injuries suffered on someone else's property should be done with the help of an experienced Phoenix slip and fall lawyer, below you'll find a brief overview of the analysis that needs to be done to determine whether or not pursuing a claim in Oklahoma is an advisable step.

Proving Your Legal Status in Arizona Slip and Fall Accidents

The first step in proving liability in an Arizona slip and fall case is proving that the person who was injured on someone else's property was legally there in the first place. The law defines different statuses that provide legal status for someone's presence on property, and these include an invitee, who is someone who enters the property of another for the purpose of conducting business and the licensee, which describes someone who enters the property of another for the purpose of a social gathering. Basically, anyone who enters the property of another and does so for these purposes will generally be legally protected from danger and harm suffered as a result of a dangerous condition on the property that was not obvious.

Proving Negligence by the Owner/Manager of a Property in AZ

Once someone who has been injured on another's property has established his or her legal right to be there, the next step for proving liability involves proving that the dangerous condition on the property that caused the injury was a problem that the property owner or manager either knew about or should have known about. In addition, the injured person also needs to show that the party or parties in charge of the property didn't take steps to either repair or remove the danger or didn't take steps to clearly warn those who could be foreseen to enter the property about its presence.

If the plaintiff in an Arizona slip and fall case proves that this dangerous condition was not properly handled, it could lead to a finding of liability on the part of those who were responsible for the general upkeep of the property in Arizona where the injury occurred.

If you or someone you love has been harmed on the property of someone else, you need to take action by seeking the help of experienced Arizona premises liability lawyers who have been successfully fighting for the rights of injured clients for many years. Contacting an injury lawyer in Phoenix from the Phillips Law Group today can be a step towards obtaining a financial recovery for your injuries. Ph: 1-800-706-3000.

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