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Yuma Pool Drowning Lawyers

Many Arizona residents use a swimming pool for a fun way to relax despite the hot desert temperatures. Sadly, many pool injuries arise due to the carelessness or even negligence of the property owner. Pool accidents can be fatal, causing extreme devastation to those involved. Contact a licensed Yuma pool drowning lawyer to see if you are eligible to file a claim for compensation for any damages suffered.

Our legal team at Phillips Law Group has recovered over $750,000,000 in compensation for more than 155,000 clients over the past 27 years of legal practice. Founding partner Jeffrey Phillips has been named one of the “Best Attorneys of America” by the American Academy of Trial Attorneys and has secured verdicts throughout Yuma County and the state of Arizona.

We are available 24 hours a day online or over the phone. During a 100 percent free consultation, we can review your claim and discuss your legal options. There are no upfront fees involved and you only pay us if we are successful in securing compensation for you.

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Am I Eligible to File a Case?

In order to determine if someone is eligible to file a lawsuit regarding a pool drowning or pool injury accident, a licensed attorney will examine many different factors. Premises liability laws come into play in many of these cases, as many times the owners of the property with the pool could be responsible.

Premises liability laws place liability on property owners in many situations where an accident occurs. Homeowners, hoteliers, fitness and recreation center owners, and other owners of properties with pools have a legal obligation to reasonably discover and remedy hazards on the property and warn pool users of known hazards.

If we represent you, a Yuma pool drowning attorney from our firm can help you prove negligence in these types of cases. Examples of negligence involved in pool drownings or injuries include:

  • Failure to fix a known tripping hazard or warn pool users of the hazard.
  • Failure to have safety equipment available or a lifeguard on duty at a public pool.
  • Failure to enclose the pool and prevent entry as required by Arizona Revised Statute 36-1681.

The legal status of the victim is also important in pool drowning and injury claims. A pool owner’s liability in these matters is different for guests who were legally permitted to use the pool or someone who was trespassing on the property.

With so many important distinctions to be made and supported, an attorney with experience in pool accident cases could be invaluable. We can provide you with a free consultation to determine if there are legal options available for you to pursue compensation for medical bills and treatment services.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim in Arizona?

Victims may be eligible to file a personal injury claim for pool accident injuries or a wrongful death claim after the pool drowning of a loved one. In Arizona, both types of cases generally carry a two-year statute of limitations – a legal time limit to file a lawsuit. In most cases, claims must be filed within two years of the date of the incident or the claimant is likely to lose the ability to pursue compensation.

Sometimes, a different deadline applies – this all depends on the unique circumstances of a claim. Claims against a government entity have a much shorter time frame, whereas the statute of limitations may not start at the date of the accident in specific scenarios.

Do not miss your opportunity to pursue compensation. Our Yuma pool drowning lawyers can let you know how much time you have to file your claim. Contact us to request a free consultation.

What is My Case Worth?

Determining compensation for pool injury and pool drowning cases requires careful review of all involved factors, most notably the value of damages and how severe the injury is.

Phillips Law Group’s legal team can thoroughly investigate your claim to determine a fair value for your case. Our attorneys have decades of combined legal experience in collecting and examining all types of evidence to determine the many ways an injury impacts a victim.

If you have questions about what your case may be worth, contact us today at 1-800-706-3000.

How Can Phillips Law Group Help Me?

An experienced Yuma pool drowning attorney could be an asset to victims and their families as they pursue compensation for damages. Most cases begin with an insurance claim. An attorney will know how to protect your best interests while dealing with the insurance company to negotiate a settlement.

Whether you are filing a lawsuit or dealing with an insurance claim, the process can be frustrating and confusing. Insurers will try to get you to accept some of the blame and will do whatever they can to lower the amount of money they pay out. At Phillips Law Group, we know how to handle insurance company communications and negotiations to improve the likelihood of a successful outcome for you.

If we are unable to come to a fair settlement with the insurance company, we will pursue your case in court, if necessary. Our main goal is to help you obtain full compensation for your damages.

How Do Pool Accidents Happen?

Pool accidents including injuries and drownings happen under many different circumstances. Big crowds and lots of noise can create a hectic atmosphere, making it difficult for anyone to notice a victim needs help.

For the safety of its users, some pools are legally required to have one or more lifeguards on duty. When property owners fail to ensure lifeguards are present and attentive, liability may fall in the owner’s hands.

Some common causes behind poolside drownings and accidents may include:

  • Improper or lack of maintenance of the pool and surrounding areas
  • No warning signs surrounding the pool
  • Failure to enclose the pool and keep uninvited guests out
  • Incorrect installation of diving boards, water slides and other devices
  • Slip and fall hazards around the pool deck

Steps to Take After a Pool-Related Accident

If you or a loved one sustained an injury in a pool-related accident, seek proper medical care as soon as possible to protect your health and start your path toward recovery. As long as you are safely able to do so, other steps that could benefit your potential legal claim include the following:

  1. Report the accident to law enforcement. An accident report will be filed by a responding officer, which may be helpful to your case. Be sure to ask for copies of the report as well.
  2. Take pictures of the scene. Photograph the pool, pool deck, enclosures, gates, locks or lack thereof, safety railings, installed equipment like diving boards and any other relevant details.
  3. Collect the names and contact information from everyone involved. Ask witnesses who also saw the accident for their names and contact information. Your attorney may interview witnesses at a later date for more details about the incident.

Contact a Yuma Drowning Injury Lawyer Today

For more than two decades, Phillips Law Group has helped many injury victims and their loved ones secure fair compensation across Yuma County, having recovered millions in compensation.

We are available today to schedule a free consultation for you. Let us review your claim and present possible legal options for the pursuit of compensation. Should you have a case and decide to move forward, we can guide you throughout the legal process, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

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