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It is very common for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits to be denied, but for families in need of the financial stability, this can be overwhelming. Because the legal process is confusing, many applicants are unsure what to do if they are denied benefits, and others are not sure how to even get started.

At Phillips Law Group, our Prescott Social Security Disability attorneys offer a free review of your claim, even if your benefits have already been denied. We have nearly 30 years of experience handling cases for our clients and recovering more than $750 million in compensation on their behalf.

A free consultation does not obligate you to work with our firm, but if we do represent you, it is worth mentioning that we operate on contingency. This means you will not be charged any fees unless we are successful in obtaining benefits for you.

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Who May Be Eligible for Social Security Disability?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) defines an applicant as disabled if he or she is suffering with a medical condition that will most likely end in death or continue for 12 months or more. Additionally, a claimant must establish that he or she is unable to continue working in his or her current position or in any other type of employment.

A minor may also qualify for benefits if there is evidence of a physical or mental condition that is expected to end in death or continue for a year or longer and severely limit his or her daily activities.

The SSA describes all of the qualifying medical conditions it may consider for SSD benefits. If your impairment meets their criteria, you may be an eligible applicant.

Applying for benefits is a complex process requiring strong evidence. This is why it may benefit you to speak with one of our qualified attorneys at Phillips Law Group.

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Types of Disability Benefits Programs

Our licensed attorneys are prepared to determine whether you meet the criteria to receive benefits through any of the following disability programs:

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

An individual with a disabling medical condition that prevents them from being able to work may qualify for SSDI benefits. Additionally, he or she must have worked a minimum of five years in the past decade and be able to provide medical proof of his or her inability to continue working.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Applicants who meet the SSA’s definition of having a disability but who have a thin employment background and low income may qualify for SSI benefits. However, the SSA mandates that these individuals may not have greater than $2000 in assets. Couples applying to the program must not have more than $3000 in assets.

It is a good idea to speak to attorney even if you believe your assets may disqualify you. The rules are confusing, and many people may mistakenly think they have no chance of getting benefits.

Disabled Adult Child Benefits

Individuals between the ages of 18 and 22 may be eligible for benefits if they have a severe medical condition that limits their daily activities and is also expected to last for 12 months or longer or end in death. The parents of a disabled adult child must be living and also eligible for disability benefits.

Benefits for Widows and Widowers

After the death of a spouse, an individual may qualify for benefits if he or she is 60 years or older. However, if the spouse has an eligible medical condition, the applicant’s required minimum age is reduced to 50 years but he or she must still meet all SSA-qualifying criteria for disability.

We invite you to discuss your potential disability benefit options with one of our attorneys at Phillips Law Group. The consultation is free, and it is also a good opportunity for you to get answers to your questions about the SSD application process.

What Documents You Will Need for Your SSD Application

Whether you apply for SSD benefits online, use the SSA’s toll-free number (1-800-772-1213) or go to the closest local Social Security office, there are certain documents that you will need for your application:

  • Most current W-2
  • All medical records that support your claim (such as therapy, hospital stays and specialists)
  • Identification that provides proof of age, such as a birth certificate
  • Social Security number
  • Details of your work history
  • Results from relevant medical tests
  • Contact information of your treating physicians and other medical professionals
  • Prescriptions and doctor-recommended dosages
  • Marriage license if your spouse is also applying for benefits
  • Birth certificate or other proof of age for all qualifying applicants

    Applying for benefits is a complicated and lengthy process that requires a lot of supportive evidence to improve your chances of qualifying. This is why we recommend that you contact a Prescott Social Security Disability lawyer to see whether your claim has merit and assist you throughout the application process.

    Why Many Disability Claims Are Denied

    Disability claims are often denied for several reasons. Some of the most common include:

    • There was not enough evidence to support the claim
    • The disability is temporary and will not last a year or end in death
    • Failure to follow the medical orders of his or her treating physician
    • Lack of cooperation with the SSA, such as refusing to attend a medical examination
    • Failure to provide, or did not have, sufficient work history to qualify
    • Medical condition is a result of ongoing alcohol or drug abuse
    • Income or assets are greater than the SSA’s allowable limit

    At Phillips Law Group, we have been advocating on behalf of our clients for nearly three decades, not only in the Prescott area, but also across Arizona in Yavapai, Navajo, Maricopa, Pima, Pinal and Gila counties.

    Why You Need to Act Quickly If Your Claim Was Denied

    If your disability claim has been denied, you have the right to appeal the decision. However, at just 60 days, the window for filing an appeal is short. There are four steps involved in the appeals process:

    • A request for reconsideration – During this first step of the appeals process, your claim will be reviewed by another claims examiner who did not review your initial application and will take into consideration any new or additional evidence provided by your attorney.
    • Applying for a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) – If a reconsideration review does not result in an approval for benefits, your attorney may request a hearing with an ALJ. Your attorney will fully prepare you to answer questions before the judge about your condition. Other medical professionals and industry experts may also be called to provide testimony.
    • Requesting an Appeals Council review – This can only happen if the Appeals Council agrees to it. If the council determines that the ALJ’s decision was valid, they can choose to reject your request for another review. If the decision was invalid, the council may review it or give it to a new ALJ.
    • A review by the federal court – This is the last step of the appeals process, but for this review, no further evidence may be submitted. A judge will review all previously submitted evidence, documentation and transcripts from your ALJ hearing and make a final decision.

    The appeals process is challenging to navigate, which is why we encourage you to speak with our lawyers at Phillips Law Group to help you each step of the way to pursue the benefits you may be eligible for.

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    How Long It Can Take Before You Start to Receive Benefits

    Applying for SSD benefits takes time, and even after you are approved for benefits, it may take as long as a month or two before you begin receiving any compensation.

    When you apply, you have the option to provide your bank account information so that you can receive your benefits via direct deposit. If you have already been approved, this is an easy way of checking to see whether your benefits have begun.

    However, if you have not started to receive your benefits 90 days or more after you received an approval notice, it is a good idea to let your attorney know. We understand how lengthy and unnecessary delays can cause hardships for you and your loved ones. We welcome the opportunity to advocate with the SSA on your behalf.

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