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Peoria Scooter Accident Lawyer

Scooters can be a fun and economical way to commute, but in an accident, there is not much protection for the rider. If you were injured while riding a scooter, you may be eligible to recover compensation for your damages.

At Phillips Law Group, our Peoria scooter accident lawyers have been helping injury victims in Maricopa and Yavapai County for nearly 30 years. We have recovered more than $750 million in compensation for our clients in that time. Discussing your situation with a lawyer could be beneficial to your recovery.

Our office accepts phone calls day or night, but you can also complete an online case evaluation form to get a callback from a knowledgeable member of our legal team. We offer free consultations to review your potential claim and discuss your legal options. If you have a case, there is no money required upfront for us to represent you. We do not collect for our services unless we obtain compensation for you.

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How Do I Know If I Have A Valid Scooter Accident Case?

Scooter accidents are classified as a personal injury claim, which means to have a valid case you must be able to prove that your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence. Our experienced attorneys are prepared to help by reviewing your circumstances to see if there is sufficient evidence to establish these four elements of negligence:

  • The person responsible for the accident owed you a duty of care to take reasonable steps to prevent harm to you and other motorists or pedestrians on the road
  • The person responsible breached the duty of care by operating his or her car in an unsafe way
  • Your injuries are a direct result of the responsible party’s negligent actions or inactions
  • You suffered damages, such as medical expenses for treatment, lost wages if you missed work while recovering, and pain and suffering for the physical and emotional damages you endured

Proving negligence is challenging and often requires legal help. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge about what is needed to build a strong argument for negligence resulting from a scooter accident.

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How Much Can a Scooter Accident Case Be Worth?

There is no way to place a definitive monetary amount on potential damages without understanding all the facts about how your accident happened and the extent of the injuries you sustained. However, if you have a valid case, the compensation you may be eligible for could include these damages and more:

  • All reasonable medical expenses related to your accident
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earnings if you are no longer able to work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Property damage

We encourage you to contact our firm to discuss your potential case with a member of our legal team. It is an opportunity for you to get answers to your legal questions and learn more about the claims process.

What Parties May Be Liable For My Scooter Accident?

Sometimes an accident can have clear-cut liability for a crash, but more often, the fault may be shared. This is another area where an attorney can fully assess all of the details surrounding your scooter accident to help ensure any amount of fault you may be assigned is limited.

One or more of the following parties could share liability for a collision involving a scooter:

  • Commercial or motor vehicle operators may be liable for a scooter accident if they were driving distracted, impaired, driving aggressively or not following rules of the road.
  • Government entities may sometimes be at-fault if there was a known road hazards that was not properly mitigated and an accident resulted.
  • Scooter operators can also share liability if they do not understand the rules of the road, do not drive safely, drive impaired or do not pay attention to the road and others around them.
  • Pedestrians may be at-fault if they were jaywalking and not paying attention to traffic, darting out into the road without checking for moving vehicles, did not make sure they are visible to others on the road or walking while distracted or under the influence.
  • Manufacturers of a scooter could be liable if there was a defective part that caused an accident.

Why Hiring An Attorney May Be Beneficial

If you have a case, it could be beneficial to hire a lawyer who can protect your rights and represent your best interests throughout the legal process. Scooter laws in Arizona are constantly evolving and may vary from city to city. We are well-versed in the scooter laws that apply in Maricopa, Yavapai and other counties throughout the state.

If you are injured in a scooter accident caused by negligence, we are prepared to:

  • Fully investigate the cause of the accident, including determining the liable party or parties
  • Gather supportive evidence to help build a strong case on your behalf
  • Manage all communications with the insurance companies and other third parties
  • Accurately calculate the total value of your damages to ensure you are fairly compensated
  • Keep you informed about the status of your claim every step of the way

How Long Do I Have To File A Claim in Arizona?

The statute of limitations for filing a scooter accident claim in Arizona is two years from the date of the accident. However, it is important to mention that there are notable exceptions, such as if you are filing a claim against a government agency, that may require you to file as soon as 180 days after an accident.

To understand what filing deadline applies in your situation, contact our firm to arrange for your free legal consultation. We are prepared to review the details of your accident and determine whether you are eligible to pursue compensation for your damages. We encourage you to not delay seeking legal help. If you fail to file within the deadline, you may miss any opportunity to recover compensation.

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At Phillips Law Group, we have represented more than 155,000 clients in multiple counties throughout Arizona, including, Maricopa, Yavapai, Pima, Mohave and Pinal. We aggressively pursue maximum compensation for our clients, and we have the staff and resources to fully investigate and prepare a strong case on your behalf.

Learn whether you may have a valid case today by contacting our offices and scheduling your free consultation. Since we accept scooter accident claims on contingency, we do not collect any fees for our services unless we recover compensation for you.

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