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A whistleblower is commonly an employee of a government body - or an organization that works for a government body - that reports illegal activities that may be taking place within that organization. As whistleblowers may face retaliation for their actions, there are Federal and state laws that offer protections to those that report such crimes, which include protections for workers to prevent them from being terminated from their positions unfairly.

If you are aware of unlawful activity in your workplace that may be defrauding the government, you may be eligible to recover compensation for reporting the activity.

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What Is the False Claims Act?

Also known as the "Lincoln Law", the False Claims Act is a tool that employees can use to combat fraud and excessive spending of Federal funds. While the Act was initially introduced during the Civil War in an effort to prevent government suppliers from abusing their relationship with the government, numerous amendments were made in 1986 in light of accounts of abuses that were taking place in the defense contracting industry.

More recently, there has been a shift in focus towards healthcare related fraud however, the False Claims Act has also been an effective tool in identifying contract abuse in many industries including construction, energy, housing and more.

How Can A Whistleblower Lawyer Help?

Knowing who to trust when handling sensitive information can be a difficult choice for many people. At Phillips Law Group, we understand the complex nature of whistleblower claims and often begin by establishing the role of the whistleblower and how they were able to be exposed to the alleged wrongdoing.

When equipped with information about the claim, we will commonly review the details of the False Claims Act and any other laws that may be relevant. An example of this may be an individual would like to report a securities fraud issue, in which case the Dodd-Frank Act may be applicable. In the event that we believe there are grounds to pursue a claim and the plaintiff would like to pursue a lawsuit, we can begin to build the case.

Whistleblower cases can be complex and lengthy, and it can be beneficial if we are able to obtain support from government attorneys. Cases that have government intervention are often more successful compared to those that do not.

Should the government become involved in the case, their attorneys will assume control of the case, and they will have the following options:

  • To pursue and prosecute the case
  • Dismiss the case
  • Settle the case *

* Should the plaintiff wish to settle a case that is being handled by the government, the government must approve that decision.

While the identities of whistleblowers may not all be kept anonymous, our lawyers will do all that is possible under the existing laws to keep your identify withheld from the public record.

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Can Whistleblowers Be Compensated for Their Actions?

Yes. Under the False Claims Act, if the government intervenes and determines that the defendants are guilty of fraud, a whistleblower may be eligible to receive between 15 to 25 percent of the amount that the government is able to recover.

Should the government not intervene but the whistleblower decides to proceed with litigation and win the case, that amount can increase to between 25 to 30 percent.

Under the conditions of the False Claims Act, if the plaintiff is successful, employers must reinstate the whistleblowers position and provide double the amount of back pay in additional to compensation for any additional expenses.

Types of Fraud

There can be many different types of fraud that fall within the boundaries of the False Claims Act, including:

  • Healthcare - in some instances, doctors, medical centers and other healthcare facilities will defraud the government by overcharging Medicare and Medicaid for medical services, submitting fraudulent invoices for payment and various kickbacks.
  • Contractors - some companies that are competing for government contracts will provide false certifications and may offer kickbacks and bribes in an effort to secure those contracts.
  • Energy - coal, gas and oil companies often compete for permission to explore government land for energy opportunities. Many of these contracts require the energy companies to pay a royalty fee from the sale of any energy products that may be obtained from that land. Formulas are used to make these calculations, and energy companies have been caught manipulating those formulas in their favor.
  • Environmental - companies that provide false testing results relating to clean air and water, toxic waste removal and clean up and charging for services that were never performed may expose themselves to fraud charges.
  • Financial - from obtaining Federal bailouts to mortgage fraud to government pension fraud, government financial agencies are often a target for fraudulent financial transactions.
  • Research - each year, the US government spends significant amounts of money to pay for research into many different industries. To obtain those grants, some research facilities may falsify results, testing data, reports and other information.

As the government does not have the manpower to oversee every single transaction, the role of whistleblowers is very important as they can help to keep businesses, facilities and learning institutions from abusing their position as government contractors.

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Our attorneys work on a contingency basis which means that there are no upfront fees if we handle your case and we only get paid if there is a financial recovery from the lawsuit.

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