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Mesa Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Sexual abuse can be an extremely traumatic experience for victims, that can happen anywhere, to anyone. Following an assault, many victims are unsure of who they can turn to for help.

Are you or someone you care for a sexual abuse victim?

At Phillips Law Group, we have been protecting the rights of victims for decades and understand the challenges that sexual abuse victims may face when pursing a lawsuit against the accused. Our sexual abuse lawyers understand that victims often need counseling and other services to help begin the road to recovery - which we can assist with organizing - and then begin the process of holding the accused accountable for their actions. There are no upfront fees if we take on your case and we only get paid when we win.

For your free, confidential consultation with a lawyer at our firm, call us today at 1-800-706-3000. You can also contact us by completing the "Free Case Evaluation" form on this page, and a member from our team will contact you shortly.

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What Is Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse is an act of abusive, non-consensual sexual behavior that is often forced upon one person by another, who is taking advantage of a situation or vulnerability. Sexual abuse is also often referred to as sexual molestation. The duration of the molestation can vary, but may extend to many years of abuse.

By comparison, instances that are forceful, short in duration and immediate are often classified as sexual assault.

Many people can be affected by sexual abuse including:

  • Children
  • Spouses
  • Elderly
  • The disabled

If you are a victim and need legal advice, or are aware of someone else that needs legal help, contact Phillips Law Group today by calling 1-800-706-3000.

Do I Have A Case?

Often, sexual abuse victims are made to feel guilty for being a victim, and others that may be aware of the abuse, will fail to report it to authorities.

If a victim has:

  • Been forced into having unwanted vaginal, anal or oral penetration (can be from a body part of an object)
  • Been forced into performing:
    • unwanted sexual acts
    • degrading sexual acts
    • painful sexual acts
    • sexual acts for money
  • Been forced into touching the genitals of the abuser
  • Been exposed to sexually explicit images without permission to do so
  • Been exposed to pornography as a child
  • Been denied contraception and/or protection against STD's
  • Been sexually exploited by a counselor or therapist
  • Had pictures taken while performing sexual acts, without consent
  • Received unwanted physical, verbal and/or non-verbal behavior
  • Consumed food or a beverage that has been contaminated with pharmaceuticals

... that person may be eligible to file a sexual abuse lawsuit. If you are unsure if you have a case, we encourage you to call Phillips Law Group today. There are no costs for your initial consultation and the call is free.

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Are There Time Limits to File A Case In Arizona?

Yes. In the state of Arizona, abuse victims commonly have two years to file a civil lawsuit against the abuser. This is referred to as the Statute of Limitations.

In a civil lawsuit, a victim may demand economic and non-economic damages as compensation for the injuries that were sustained in the attack(s).

However, there can be instances where this deadline may be extended or shortened. For example, if a victim is under the age of 18 years old, the lawsuit must be filed within two years of that person's 18th birthday.

For help determining if you have a claim, contact a Mesa sexual abuse lawyer at Phillips Law Group, and allow us to help review the details of your incident, and explore the legal options that may be available to you.

Types of Sexual Abuse

There can be many different types of sexual abuse, which include:

  • Rape - involves forced, unwanted, non-consensual sexual activity between two or more people. Abusers can be friends, family members, relatives, employers and others.
  • Molestation - children can be victims of molestation, which may occur when children are placed under the care of unsupervised adults. However, child abuse can also occur when caretakers and others are close to parents and guardians. Molestation commonly involves intimidation and unwanted sexual contact forced upon the child by the abuser.
  • Assault assisted by drugs - is often associated with pharmaceuticals that are commonly referred to as "date rape" drugs - including: Rohypnol and Ketamine.
  • Exploitation - may be used against victims if an abuser has incriminating evidence that may compromise the reputation of the victim. An example may be an abuser threatening to publicly release sexually-explicit images of a victim.
  • Child abuse - can appear in many forms including: violations of privacy, touching/fondling of the child's genitals, forcing the child to touch/fondle the genitals of the abuser(s), exposing children to sexually explicit material and exploiting children though prostitution.
  • Child pornography - generally involves the act of filming and/or viewing underage children performing sexually explicit activities.
  • Coercion - involves one or more individuals using phrases and actions to pressure another into unwanted sexual activity.
  • Harassment - can be in many forms and is often in the workplace, where workers receive unwanted sexual advances made by other employees - or company owners. This can put victims in a compromising position, as by exposing this abuse, they may be threatened with the loss of their job.
  • Stalking - commonly involves repeated patterns of harassment, which can include unwanted contact and may come in the form of unwanted phone calls and/or messages, gifts, following victims, making threats and other types of threatening behavior.
  • Groping - is the unwanted touching, feeling, rubbing and/or fondling of the victims body parts by the abuser. In women, often this will be in sensitive areas like the inner thigh, breast and buttocks areas.
  • Elderly sexual assault - commonly occurs in nursing home or elder care facilities where victims may be more vulnerable due to age or physical disabilities.
  • Multiple perpetrator - involves two or more individuals that are involved in the sexual assault and/or intimidation of another person.
  • Incest - is the act of sexual contact between two or more people that are closely related, to where the law will not deem their marriage legal. This may include parents and children, nieces and nephews and more.
  • Indecent Exposure - commonly, victims are those that receive unwanted exposure to the genitals from another individual.

If you are a victim of sexual abuse or are aware of sexual abuse that may have taken place against someone else, we encourage you to contact our team of lawyers today.

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Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse

As the different types of sexual abuse can be quite diverse, the signs of abuse can also come in many different forms, including:

  • Isolation
  • Bite marks
  • Belt marks
  • Bruising
  • Cuts/Lacerations
  • Excessive aggression

In children, there may also be signs that they are being stalked online, which can include:

  • Excessive amounts of time on the internet
  • Finding pornography on the child's computer
  • Phone calls and text messages on the child's phone from numbers that you do not know
  • Gifts being sent to the child

If a person shows fear of specific people (family members, church clergy, teachers, babysitters, coaches) it can also be an indication that something illegal may be taking place (or has taken place) and the victim is being forced to be silent - or too afraid to speak out for fear of the repercussions by the abuser.

Sexual Abuse Cases We Handle

With decades of experience helping to provide our clients with a legal voice, we cater to a range of sexual abuse cases, including those potentially involving:

  • Churches - sexual molestation involving clergy, priests and ministers
  • Places of Employment - employees and employers can both be abusers in the workplace
  • Schools - teachers, administration staff, cleaners, sports teachers and gym teachers may all be potential abusers
  • Sporting Teams - trainers, coaches and medical groups associated with teams
  • Nursing Homes - staff and other residents may be the source of sexual abuse in elder care facilities
  • ... and more.

We welcome the opportunity to review the details of your specific incident and encourage you to contact our legal team today.

Contact A Mesa Sexual Abuse Lawyer Today

Having a lawyer in your corner can be an important part of the recovery process for sexual abuse victims. These types of cases can be very emotional and complex.

At Phillips Law Group, we have represented more than 155,000 consumer clients over the past 27 years and have a full team of support staff to help our lawyers build a strong argument for your claim.

We charge no upfront fees to handle your case, your initial, confidential consultation is free and we only get paid when we obtain a recovery on your behalf.

To learn more about the legal options that may be available to you, call us today at 1-800-706-3000, or complete our "Free Case Evaluation" form and a member from our team will contact you shortly.

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