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Mesa Drowning and Pool Injury Lawyers

Poolside accidents and drowning events can be life changing for the families of victims. In Arizona, many families have access to pools and use them to escape the heat however, with the increase in pool usage, the possibility of accidents happening also increases.

Have you lost a loved one due to a drowning event, or sustained a serious injury in a pool-related incident?

At Phillips Law Group, we have represented more than 155,000 consumer clients over the past 27 years, and have a track record of success. Our founding partner Jeffrey Phillips has served as lead counsel in more than 40 jury trials, having obtained successful verdicts in numerous counties across Arizona including Maricopa, Gila, Pima and Pinal.

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Do I Have A Pool Injury Case?

Establishing liability is an important component in a pool injury lawsuit. As pools are generally considered to be a part of the property where the pool is located, premises liability laws often become a part of the lawsuit.

Under premises liability, a landowner or entity that possesses property can be held liable for injuries and damages that are sustained on that property. For example - if a landowner knew of a dangerous condition around a pool - like a loose tile - and failed to:

  • Notify the plaintiff about that tile
  • Put warning signage around the tile
  • Did nothing to fix the issue

... that landowner may potentially be held liable under premises liability law.

However, there are also provisions that can protect landowners from plaintiffs that are not eligible to support their claim. For example - if someone was uninvited and trespassing on their property - and was injured swimming in a pool on that property - that injury victim may not be eligible to file a lawsuit.

Lawsuits involving premises liability can be complex issues that require the oversight of an experienced, licensed attorney. There are often many variables in these cases that require great attention to detail in order to help prove negligence and establish the grounds to pursue a robust damages claim.

For help determining if you have a case, contact a pool injury lawyer at Phillips Law Group today.

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What Is My Case Worth?

In the state of Arizona, there are no limits or caps to personal injury compensation. However, there are often many different factors involved in a personal injury case which can make it difficult to determine the exact value of a given case.

At Phillips Law Group, our team of lawyers and support staff have the experience and resources to fully investigate your claim to determine if you have a case and if so, the most effective method to pursue a damages claim.

We understand that medical treatment costs and other factors like lost income can have a significant impact on the financial security of victims and their families. If you need answers about your potential lawsuit, we encourage you to call us today and let us explore the legal options that may be available to you.

Why Hire A Lawyer?

In the event that an individual is seriously hurt - or perhaps fatally injured - in a pool-related incident, the insurance company that has issued the insurance policy on the property will most likely be involved in the situation quickly.

While not all policies include coverage for liability, for those that do, it is the goal of the insurance company to settle the claim for the lowest financial amount possible, as quickly as possible. In order to do this, the insurance company may request the victim and/or their family members to sign documentation or to provide a statement about the event. This information can be used against you should a damages lawsuit be filed.

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By hiring a lawyer from Phillips Law Group, we can help to protect victims and their families from the inquiries of the insurance company and ensure that your best interests are protected.

In the event that we determine you have a case and you hire our team, we will also assemble as much information as possible, to build a strong argument for your damages claim. Our goal is to provide our clients with an opportunity to move forward with the recovery process, while we work to hold negligent parties accountable for their actions.

Common Causes of Pool Related Accidents

With the combination of wet conditions and people being physically active, pools and water parks can be a common source of injury causing incidents. Some reasons for this include:

  • Lack of maintenance
  • Lack of warning signs
  • Lack of supervision
  • Incorrectly installed diving boards
  • Diving into too-shallow areas
  • Obstacles around the pool
  • Tripping hazards around the pool
  • Uncovered drains
  • Poorly treated water which can cause ear, eye and throat infections, respiratory issues and intestinal issues

If you believe that you were injured at a pool due to the negligence of the pool owners, you may be eligible to file a damages claim.

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For the past 27 years, Phillips Law Group has been providing a legal voice for injury victims and their families throughout Arizona. We have represented more than 155,000 consumer clients and recovered more than $750,000,000 in compensation on behalf of our customers.

Our team of award winning lawyers is led by our founding partner Jeffrey Phillips, and we are ready to help review the merits of your claim today.

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