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Mesa Business Litigation Lawyers

Business litigation can cover a broad range of commercial interest disputes including shareholder issues, breach of contract issues, landlord and tenant disputes, joint venture disputes, court-appointed receiverships, copyright infringement and other disputes that may be business related.

At Phillips Law Group, our Mesa business litigation attorneys are available to provide commercial litigation services throughout Maricopa County and beyond. Our legal team has experience representing both large corporations and small businesses. We welcome the opportunity to review the merits of your claim.

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Business Litigation Services We Offer

Since 1993, Phillips Law Group has been an advocate for our clients throughout Arizona, and our business litigation team caters to a range of commercial issues including:

  • Breach of contract: Which commonly occurs when a disagreement arises over the terms of a binding contract, and one or both parties tries to enforce the contract terms.
  • Landlord/Tenant disputes: It can be difficult as often emotions can run high in these types of disputes - which may arise for a number of reasons including non-payment of rent, a lack of repair and upkeep on a property, and more.
  • Contract disputes: Generally begin when there is a disagreement between parties that are bound by the contract.
  • Shareholder disputes: Can be the result of a disagreement among shareholders usually regarding the governance of a corporation or in another important component of the company's general operations, including financial issues with a corporation.
  • Franchise disputes: These disputes often require experienced attorneys as they can involve state and federal franchise laws. This is because franchises are often operated by a third company, which is granted permission to operate by the owner - who may be located interstate.
  • Construction contract disputes: Can vary in scope due to the wide variety of construction services that can be performed. For example, an electrician may not receive payment for a small in-home repair, while a high-rise developer may have a disagreement over a pricing issue or a delay of work due to a construction business owners failure to obtain permits.
  • Trademark/Copyright disputes: When someone copies another person’s intellectual or branded property without the consent of the owner, a copyright or trademark dispute may require a lawyer to help resolve the issue.

Our team of attorneys work to resolve the issues we are presented with as efficiently as possible, while keeping the best interests of our clients at the forefront.

Are Verbal and Handshake Agreements Enforceable in Arizona?

In the state of Arizona, any agreement that is covered by the statute of frauds must be in writing. If the agreement falls outside of the statute of frauds, they may still be enforceable however, the burden of proof is commonly on the party that is requiring the terms of the agreement to be met.

How Can A Business Litigation Attorney Help?

Hiring the services of a business litigation attorney has many advantages. Defending or pursuing a resolution in a business matter can quickly become quite complex and using the knowledge of an experienced lawyer can help you to make informed decisions as you proceed through the litigation process.

A reputable attorney can also help to explain the process involved with your case - including strategies that the opposition may use - while also identifying any areas of your claim that need to be either reinforced or built upon.

It is also important to note that, depending on who is involved in the case (private businesses, governments or others), these cases can take months to years to resolve. Therefore, having a good relationship with your lawyer can help to ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest developments in your case.

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At Phillips Law Group, we have represented more than 155,000 consumer clients over the past 27 years. Our staff is dedicated to protecting the rights of business owners in Mesa, Maricopa County, and beyond. We have mediated many cases and successfully represented several Fortune 500 companies.

For help with your dispute, we encourage you to call and speak to a lawyer at our firm today.

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