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Flagstaff Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Spinal cord injuries are traumatic and often result in a life of pain and suffering for victims. Medical bills, rehabilitation costs and other financial expenses can start to pile up if he or she is unable to work. Even after a victim has recovered to his or her fullest ability, other long-term medical care may still be needed.

For 27 plus years, our Flagstaff spinal cord injury lawyers at the Phillips Law Group have witnessed firsthand the physical and emotional distress many victims of spinal cord injuries face. Our legal team has recovered millions in compensation for our clients, including a $4 million dollar settlement for an injury victim that suffered a fractured spinal cord, spinal injury and paralyzation in a car accident.

We encourage you to reach out to our firm for a free consultation. Our lawyers can review your claim and discuss your potential legal options. If we represent you, there are no upfront legal fees. We charge you nothing unless we are successful in obtaining compensation for you.

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How Do I Know if I Have a Case?

This is a question we get often, but before we can provide you with an accurate answer, we need to understand the circumstances of your incident, as well as the injuries you sustained. If you have suffered a spinal cord injury due to the negligence of another, you may be able to file a claim.

Every case is different, and many spinal cord injury cases can be especially complex. An attorney from our firm can help determine the options that are relevant to your situation.

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How Much is My Case Worth?

Determining an accurate value of your damages is difficult without knowing the specifics of your injuries, along with other mitigating factors. If you do have a case, there are several damages that you may be eligible for. These include:

  • Medical costs – These damages cover expenses associated with your medical treatment following your injury. This could include physical therapy, doctors’ appointments and long-term care.
  • Loss of income – If you are unable to work due to a spinal cord injury, lost wages may be included in the recovery of your damages.
  • Loss of future earnings –  When you become permanently or partially disabled, you may not be able to return to work – or you may need to change the type of work you do. These damages cover any income you would have been able to make in the future had you not been injured.
  • Pain and suffering – Calculating the pain and suffering a spinal cord injury victim experiences is challenging, so it is important that you have an experienced attorney working on your behalf.
  • Special home adjustments – If you need in-home adjustments to improve your mobility or to help you better manage the injuries resulting from the incident, these costs may also be reasonably covered.

We understand that you may have questions about the legal process. We can help find the answers that may give you peace of mind and, if we represent you, allow you to focus on your recovery.

We are here to help. Fill out our Free Case Evaluation form or call now at 1-800-706-3000.

Is There a Deadline For Filing a Lawsuit in Arizona?

Arizona does have a strict two-year deadline for injury victims wanting to file a personal injury lawsuit. Generally, you have two years from the date you were injured to file a lawsuit. There may be cases when you may have to file sooner or when a deadline could be extended.

This is why we recommend that you have an experienced legal team on your side to help ensure that you do not miss an important deadline. Personal injury cases take time and can easily become very complicated.

What Can Phillips Law Group Do To Help Me?

Injury victims that hire legal representation are more likely to end up with a higher compensation than compared to injury victims who decide to go through the legal process alone.

Spinal cord injuries can greatly affect victims and their families. Spending time, energy and resources to manage a claim in-between doctor visits and physical therapy can be overwhelming. If we represent you, we will investigate your incident, gather evidence to prove negligence, file all the necessary paperwork, communicate with the insurance companies on your behalf and work hard to protect your best interests.

Do not put your claim at risk. We welcome the opportunity to see how we may be able to help.

Call us today to schedule your free consultation. 1-800-706-3000.

Commonly Seen Spinal Cord Injuries

The type of spinal cord injury a victim sustains depends on many factors, including the severity of the impact after an incident. Here are some of the most common types of spinal cord injuries:

Serious Injuries

Serious spinal cord injuries may result from a slip and fall accident, car crash or medical malpractice, amongst other incidents. These injuries are acute and may be life-altering, and could include:

  • Fractured or dislocated vertebrae – If an initial impact cracks or breaks a bone, or tears a ligament, the damage can be painful and long-lasting, and may require long-term medical care.
  • Bulging or herniated discs – These occur when a cushioned joint in the vertebrae expands to the point where it begins to apply pressure on the nerves of the spine. It is often accompanied by burning or shooting pain running down the legs.
  • Sprain and strain injuries – These injuries can happen when the muscles or tendons that support the spine are suddenly and unexpectedly pulled or twisted in an unnatural manner.

Overuse Injuries

An overuse injury may sound minor, but for a victim, it can be excruciating to the point of interrupting his or her ability to get through the day, concentrate on work or even get out of bed. These could include:

  • Muscle spasms – For those who suffer from muscle spasms, simply moving in the wrong direction too quickly can set off a spasm, causing immediate and sharp pain for the victim.
  • Stiffness – This type of injury results from muscles being too tense or tight following an injury and may require extensive physical therapy.

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At Phillips Law Group, our legal team is dedicated towards pursuing justice and fair compensation for spinal cord injury victims. For more than 27 years, we have helped recover millions in compensation for our clients. Our firm founder Jeffrey Phillips is not only a member of National Brain Injury Trial Lawyers Association, but he has also been chosen as one of the “Best Attorneys in America” many times over.

If you need help with your claim, contact a lawyer from our firm today for a free consultation. There is no risk or obligation to pursue legal action. We do not charge any upfront fees, and we do not get paid unless we help you obtain compensation. Call us anytime day or night, or through our online form.

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