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When whistleblowers come forward with sensitive information about an employer who is violating the False Claims Act, they are taking a big risk. Having strong legal representation from a reputable lawyer throughout the claims process can help to protect your interests and rights. 

At Phillips Law Group, our Avondale whistleblower attorneys are prepared to take on these kinds of cases. We have nearly 30 years of experience assisting more than 155,000 clients throughout Arizona. Our firm has also obtained over $750 million in compensation on behalf of our clients’ needs.

We are available to discuss the specifics of your situation during a 100 percent free and confidential consultation with one of our licensed attorneys. There are no upfront costs or fees to worry about. Since we operate on contingency, we are only paid if we help you win the case.

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What You Should Know About the False Claims Act?

The False Claims Act governs whistleblower claims and was originally created during the Civil War to prevent government suppliers from abusing their financial relationship with the army.

Today, the law has been extended to combat health care fraud and other financial abuse that commonly occurs in industries, such as housing, construction, energy and more.

The law specifically prohibits:

  • Conspiring to submit a false claim
  • Knowingly presenting a false claim for payment or approval
  • Failing to deliver money or property that is to be used by the government
  • Knowingly making a false statement on record
  • Knowingly receiving property from an individual who has no authority to sell the property
  • Knowingly helping to confirm the receipt of government property without knowing if the information on the receipt is accurate and true to its word

The False Claims Act law can be difficult to understand. Having a skilled attorney walk you through the process may be beneficial in helping you to determine whether or not you may have grounds for a whistleblower case.

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What a Whistleblower Attorney from Phillips Law Group Can Do for You

Our firm understands the risks associated with reporting illegal activities in your workplace, which is why we strive to keep your identity out of the public record. We also take the confidentiality of our clients very seriously.

We recommend that you do not confront your employer before seeking legal help from one of our experienced Avondale whistleblower attorneys. At Phillips Law Group, we have the resources and knowledge to fully investigate your claim.

If we determine that your case has merit and we represent you, we are prepared to:

  • Prepare you for the appropriate steps to report your claim
  • Collect evidence to support your claim
  • Determine the appropriate strategy for proving your employer’s violations
  • Do our utmost to keep your name out of the public record
  • Protect you from acts of retaliation from your employer
  • Handle communication with all third parties on your behalf
  • Ensure you retain eligibility to receive compensation if the claim is successful
  • Ensure your legal rights are protected under the law
  • Keep you fully informed about the status of your claim

In some whistleblower claims, the government may intervene on your claim, which is often a beneficial situation.  If the government joins in a case, there is often a greater chance of success than when they do not intervene. In this type of intervention, the government’s attorneys typically take control of the case and may choose to either dismiss it, pursue and prosecute the case, or settle it.

Our Avondale whistleblower attorneys are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can arrange a free consultation at a time that is convenient for you.

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Compensation That May Be Awarded to Whistleblowers

A company that violates the False Claims Act is essentially stealing money from the government. If a claim is successful, a whistleblower may be eligible to receive a portion of any funds recovered.

The percentage of funds a whistleblower may receive depends on whether or not the government participated in the lawsuit. If the government joined in on a case, a whistleblower could receive between 15 and 25 percent of the recovered funds. However, if the government decides not to intervene, the whistleblower may be eligible to receive between 25 and 30 percent of the recovered funds.

Compensation may also cover legal costs, like attorney’s fees and additional expenses. However, since we operate on contingency, if the claim is not successful, we do not get paid.

If your employer retaliated against you and your claim is successful, the False Claims Act requires your employer to reinstate you to your previous position and pay you back double for the wages you did not receive.

Acts of retaliation in the workplace may include:

  • Denying a promotion
  • Demotion
  • Negative performance reviews
  • Physical or verbal abuse or harassment
  • Making the employee’s work schedule or duties difficult 

If you have any questions regarding a whistleblower claim, it is important that you seek legal counsel to better understand your situation and how an attorney may be able to help.

Examples of Fraud Against the Government

History has shown that many companies and organizations throughout a wide range of industries may attempt to commit fraud when contracted by the government. Our team has experience handling the following types of situations:

  • Financial industry – Fraud that involves government-backed loans, such as mortgages. 
  • Health care – Fraud with Medicaid and Medicare is a growing concern, such as if a health care provider submits fraudulent invoices, overbills, or provides kickbacks.
  • Environmental – A violation in the environmental industry may happen if a company contracts to provide a certain service, such as removing toxic waste from an area, but neglects to do so.
  • Research – Some individuals in the research industry may falsify research data in order to become eligible for U.S. grant funds, which is a common fraudulent issue.
  • Defense contracting – Companies in charge of building weapons for the government commit fraud when submitting a claim for payment for services that were never provided or charging multiple times for a service that was only provided once.

Contact an Avondale Whistleblower Attorney Today

Whistleblower cases can be extremely complicating and difficult for the average person to handle without the help of a qualified attorney. At Phillips Law Group, we have extensive knowledge about these types of cases and how to best protect your rights and interests.

We have represented clients for decades and have a strong history of winning verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients in Arizona.

We can determine if your case has merit in our free, zero obligation claim review and, if we represent you, charge no upfront costs for our services. You pay us nothing unless we win your case.

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