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Phoenix Workplace Amputation Lawyers

Among all the possible injuries that an employee can receive on the job, amputations are among the most debilitating and life altering.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) describes amputations as serious, widespread and involving a variety of activities and machinery. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported 11,000 nonfatal workplace amputations each year from 1992-99, with approximately 21 fatal workplace amputations annually.

In recent years, studies have shown approximately 3 million amputees living in the United States, many of which suffered an amputation as the result of a workplace injury. OSHA explains that these injuries usually take place if a worker is operating an unguarded or inadequately guarded machine, such as a power press, printing press, food slicer, meat grinder, drill press or milling machine.

Workplace injuries that result in amputation are usually covered under workers compensation laws, however, the physical pain, emotional trauma and financial hardship a workplace injury can place on the worker and their families are hardly ever compensated.

Phillips Law Group has a strong foundation of understanding in cases of workers compensation and employee rights, and we know that suffering a work-related amputation can be a seemingly insurmountable task to face without guidance. Our experienced legal team helps victims defend their rights, and we always fight for the MAXIMUM amount of compensation that our client is eligible for.

Causes Of Amputations In The Workplace

OSHA lists the following mechanical components as the most dangerous and likely to cause an amputation:

  • Point of operation: The actual area where the work is performed on the machine
  • Power-transmission apparatuses: Belts, chains, couplings, flywheels, gears, spindles and connecting rods are all components that transmit energy, making them more dangerous
  • Other moving parts: Any component that moves during operation, such as reciprocating, rotating or transverse movements, or any auxiliary parts

Warehouses, industrial facilities, and factories are some of the most common environments for these machines to be found in. In the event that a worker is injured very badly by any one of these machines, the result could be death or amputation of the limb that was injured.

How Employers Can Reduce Workplace Amputations

There are a number of precautions that should be taken by employers to maintain a safe work environment for their employees. Safety inspections do take place, but the inspection is only as effective as the individual conducting it, so great effort should be taken on the part of the factory owner to ensure it is safe before any inspections.

Some of the ways employers can reduce the number of workplace amputations include:

  • Providing guards or physical barriers between hazardous and nonhazardous work zones
  • Devices that interrupt the normal cycle of the machine if a worker's hands are in the way

The owners of the workplace are responsible for the guards and devices, so extra consideration should be made to factor these items into the cost of equipment, in order to maintain a safe working environment.

Contact An Experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer Today

At Phillips Law Group, our Phoenix workplace amputation lawyers are dedicated to helping workers fight for their rights. If you or a loved one has been injured through no fault of your own while on the job, you may have cause to pursue legal recourse.

As one of Arizona's largest consumer law firms, the skilled attorneys at Phillips Law Group have the resources and the desire to help the victims of workers compensation claims to receive the maximum benefits due to them.

Our experienced and dependable legal team understands that the death of a loved one can put more than just an emotional strain on a family, but the financial strain it causes can impair that family's ability to continue to live a full and thriving life.

At Phillips Law Group, we want to help you and your family by assisting you in understanding your rights in cases of workers compensation death benefit claims.

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