Types of Trucks

The type of truck involved in an accident can be a direct correlation of the type of accident that occurs. Commercial vehicles are used for many different reasons and each reason can result in a different type of crash. Depending on the truck involved in the accident, there can be many different people or entities that are to blame for the crash.

It is important to consult with an attorney well-versed in complex commercial litigation who has the resources necessary to pinpoint the cause of a crash, regardless of the type of truck involved, in order to hold those parties accountable for any losses incurred.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an Arizona truck accident due to no fault of your own, the truck accident attorneys at Phillips Law Group may be able to help you pursue compensation for your damages.

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Different Types of Trucks and Large Commercial Vehicles

The following types of trucks are commonly involved in Arizona truck accident injury claims:

Dump Truck

Also known as a production truck, dump trucks are typically used in the construction industry for the transportation of loose material, like sand, dirt or gravel. Dump trucks are also used to transport garbage to landfills. Dump trucks are equipped with a hydraulically-operated, open-box bed hinged at the rear. The front of the bed can be lifted to allow the contents to be deposited (or dumped) on the ground behind the truck. Due to design, dump truck drivers have limited rear-view and are prone to backing up accidents.

Garbage Truck

Garbage trucks, or Waste Collection Vehicles (WCV), are specifically designed to pick up small quantities of waste curbside and haul it to landfills and other recycling or treatment facilities.

Tanker Truck

Tanker trucks are intended to transport liquids, dry bulk cargo or gasses. The largest tanker truck is similar in appearance and function to a railroad tank car. Due to the wide variety of liquids that require transportation, there are many different types of tanker trucks. These types of trucks can be insulated or non-insulated; pressurized or non-pressurized; and can be designed for single or multiple loads.

Flatbed Truck

A flatbed truck is equipped with an entirely flat, level body with no sides or roof. They can be either articulated or rigid. Flatbed trucks can allow for the quick and easy loading of goods and are often used to transport heavy loads that are durable and are not vulnerable to rain. These types of trucks are often used to transport construction equipment. They can also be used to transport abnormally-sized or shaped loads that require more space than is available in a closed body trailer.


Also known as a tractor-trailer, a semi-trailer truck is an articulated truck that consists of a towing engine (the tractor) and a semi-trailer that carries the freight. Semi-trailer trucks are the most common truck used in the shipping industry. These types of trucks can often have control issues due to the two-part nature of their design. Many accidents happen when the trailer is traveling at a different speed than the tractor, causing the truck to jackknife and the trucker to lose control of the vehicle.

Eighteen Wheeler

An 18-wheeler truck is a semi-truck with 18 wheels.

Panel Truck

A panel truck is a windowless cargo van which is frequently used for the delivery of consumer conveniences.

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If you were injured in a Phoenix truck accident, regardless of the type of truck that caused the crash, it is critical that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Severe injury symptoms are not always immediately apparent, and the longer you wait to see a doctor, the greater the chances that your injuries will worsen.

After seeing a doctor, contact our truck accident attorneys at Phillips Law Group to see if we may be able to help you fight for the justice you may deserve for the losses you incurred from the collision.

A truck accident can quickly bring unwanted chaos into your life. Rather than worrying about how you will be able to afford the expenses incurred from damages in the accident, you should be focused on recuperating from your injuries.

Let our attorneys fight to secure your financial stability during this difficult time by holding the responsible parties accountable for your losses.

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