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Why It's Important To Hire a Defense Attorney Following an Incident

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Oct 28, 2009 in Criminal Law

If you are being investigated for a crime or you've already been charged, you face a situation where every decision you make could ultimately affect the outcome of the matter for better or worse in regards to your interests. Therefore, securing the help of an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney is of paramount importance, as defending yourself against serious criminal charges is a risk that's simply too big to take given the potential consequences.

Prosecuting attorneys know the law inside and out and are in court and dealing with cases every day. This experience allows them to develop a high degree of skill in handling any matter in front of them, and you need to be able to match if not surpass that experience and knowledge to provide yourself with the best criminal defense possible.

Below are just a few reasons why experience matters so much when faced with this challenge.

The Best Phoenix Defense Attorney Will Have an Innate Knowledge of the Law

Almost every criminal statute in Arizona can be construed in more than one way when applying that law to the facts alleged in a criminal case. In addition, different laws could become relevant when working towards a trial, and only those who have a high level of experience in dealing with these matters will be able to not only understand these laws, but foresee the role they could play as the case moves forward.

When faced with a criminal prosecution, the last thing you need is to take time to research laws every time an issue arises.

A Great Phoenix Defense Attorney Will Have an Instant Recognition of Procedural Matters

The procedure involved with a criminal law case is perhaps more technical and critical than in any other area of law, as whether prosecutors ultimately win a conviction or not will generally depend on the evidence that's presented to the jury.

However, not every piece of evidence is admissible based on the rules that govern these norms, and an experienced criminal defense attorney will instantly recognize not only which evidence could be ruled inadmissible, but also how to handle these evidentiary issues procedurally by way of pre-trial hearings.

An Affordable Phoenix Defense Lawyer Will Have Experience

Ultimately, a prosecutor's office is measured by its conviction rate. Therefore, if a well-known, respected and experienced criminal defense attorney appears in a case on behalf of a defendant, prosecutors will generally be more amenable to negotiating a plea as opposed to fighting the matter out at trial, depending on the nature of the crime alleged.

If an inexperienced criminal attorney gets involved with a case, he or she will have very little in terms of reputation that could affect the approach of the prosecuting attorneys.

Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyers and Attorneys - Experience Matters

Overall, facing a criminal indictment could ultimately cost you your freedom if you don't take every step possible to build your strongest defense. If you are involved in such a matter, contact the Phoenix criminal defense attorneys at Montano Arentz & Associates, PLLC today to schedule an initial consultation.


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