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Phoenix Bus Accident Lawyers

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation there were a total of 1,225 bus accidents throughout the state in 2012. Furthermore these bus accidents accounted for 278 total injuries.

As there are several different forms of busses traveling on our Phoenix roadways, there are bound to be accidents, injuries, and even some fatalities. Of course, bus drivers are required to possess certain licenses in order to operate these large vehicles; often times negligent drivers may become involved in an accident with them.

Our personal injury attorneys in Phoenix at Phillips Law Group have great sympathy for those injured in accidents involving busses and believe that the victims may be entitled to compensation benefits for their losses including; medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, and possible funeral expenses.

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Types of Busses

Many people throughout the city of Phoenix depend on public busses and school busses as a means of everyday transportation. Of course, there are several other types of busses which can be involved in accidents throughout our city and state. Some common types of busses seen on our roadways include:

  • Airport Busses
  • Armored Busses
  • Campaign Busses
  • Chicken Busses
  • Coach Busses
  • Double Decker Busses
  • Guided Busses
  • Minibuses
  • Party Busses
  • Police Busses
  • Private Charter Busses
  • School Busses
  • Sleeper Busses
  • Tour Busses
  • Transit Busses
  • Trolleybus

Given the great variety of busses, there are many types of accidents which may occur. These accidents can be caused by a number of different situations.

Dangers of Busses

Individuals may be boarding and un-boarding busses constantly, thus the bus is forced to stop and go, which can cause great hazards on the roadway as well as to pedestrians in the surrounding area. Thus, there are several dangers presented to those riding busses.

Some of these dangers include:

  • Accidents boarding the bus
  • Accidents departing from the bus
  • Accidents with other vehicles
  • Bus fights
  • Unprotected passengers
  • Unqualified bus drivers

Of course, there are several other types of dangers that post a threat to all the individuals riding the bus as well as individuals in other vehicles. These dangers come in the form of an accident with another vehicle.

Common Bus Accidents

As busses are used for many different reasons, there are many different causes and types of accidents, while these accidents may not always be at the fault of the bus driver. Many drivers fail to recognize the restrictions that a large bus possesses, especially when they are full of people.

A few common bus accidents include:

Following these types of accidents, there will typically be injuries as these are extremely large vehicles and carry a great amount of force.

Types of Bus Accident Injuries

In most cases, the severity of the accident injuries is related to the type of bus accident which occurred. As one can imagine, a bus accident with a pedestrian or bicyclist would most likely cause more injuries that one with a larger vehicle. Of course, this will typically depend on the speed of the accident and other factors as well.

Some types of bus accident injuries include:

If you have been injured in a bus accident due to the negligent actions of another individual, our attorneys advise seeking immediate medical attention. Any medical documents obtained can be used by our attorneys to develop a case against these negligent individuals and entities.

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