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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 150,000 people are injured each and every year due to 18 wheeler accidents in the United States. In addition to thousands of motor vehicle collisions injuries, 18 wheeler accidents also contribute to 5,000 traffic fatalities annually. Arizona drivers must be aware of the many dangers associated with traveling near an 18 wheeler truck, as the potential damage in the event of a collision is life-threatening.

In the state of Arizona, 18 wheeler trucks are typically seen on the highways, as they are often responsible for the transporting of goods to various regions across the region. When traveling near these enormous vehicles, it is essential for drivers to exercise caution. Being aware of blind spots is one way to avoid a potential accident. In addition, Arizona motorists must be mindful of elements such as lanes to change into in the event of a reckless 18 wheeler, adequate distance when driving behind a large truck to ensure proper stoppage time, and heightened awareness when an 18 wheeler is merging onto the highway.

When it comes to safety the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has established regulations in the hopes of reducing the number of 18 wheeler accidents occurring throughout the nation. Interstate trucking operations have strict rules in regard to maintenance standards, general operation, driver fatigue, qualifications, insurance, and equipment standards. Through this program, truckers are held to a high standard of safety.

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18 Wheelers vs. Automobiles

Standard automobiles often feel intimidated while operating their vehicle in close proximity to any kind of large truck. As an Arizona driver, having a back up plan is essential. In doing so, motorists are able to react quickly to unforeseen events such as quick lane changes or the merging of commercial trucks. It is important for all Arizona residents to understand the potential severity of damages that may come from any serious 18 wheeler accidents.

The following facts shed light on the serious differences between 18 wheelers and standard automobile, and how these dissimilarities create a dangerous driving situation:

  • The engine of an 18 wheeler is 6 times larger than that of a car engine, in terms of both size and weight

  • If within weight and load limits, the average 18 wheelers weighs 80,000 pounds

  • In the U.S., an average car weighs about 5,000 pounds

  • The stoppage time for an 18 wheeler is 40 percent greater than that of an automobile

  • On average, 18 wheeler accidents result in a fatality 9 percent of the time

Based upon these facts alone, it is clear that large commercial trucks present a serious hazard on the roads and highways of Arizona. If you or a loved one has suffered any injuries due to a large truck collision, Phillips Law Group is dedicated to seeking justice for you.

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Laws Regarding 18 Wheeler Accidents

Operating a commercial truck is a hefty responsibility. The FMCSA understand the many risks associated with these types of vehicles, and as a result, has outlined very specific rules and regulations in regard to truck operation in the United States. While each state has particular laws relating to large trucks, the federal government believes that a universal set of regulations is a necessity.

Trucking happens to be one of the most highly regulated industries in the country. The regulations begin with the proper training of any operator of a large commercial truck. From background checks to the training involved in obtaining a valid license, driving a commercial truck is not something that just anybody can do. Some of the most basic regulations include but are not limited to:

  • Proper training

  • Overall qualifications

  • Insurance requirements

  • Adequate loading practices

  • Record keeping

  • Maintenance regulations

  • Equipment safety

  • Rest periods

  • Drugs and alcohol rules

  • Hazmat

  • Migrant workers

  • Employee health and safety standards

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Contrary to a typical motor vehicle collision, 18 wheeler accidents present a much more complex litigation process, as there a many rules and regulations, as well as evidence, that must be obtained and researched in order to craft a successful case. At Phillips Law Group, our personal injury attorneys dedicate themselves to building the strongest case possible, putting our clients in the best position to win the maximum compensation possible.

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