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Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Oct 22, 2009 in Auto Accidents

18 wheelers can be found in large numbers rumbling down the highway and slowly working through city traffic at almost any given time. Trucking is one of those industries that will always remain prevalent in our society given the enormous volume of goods that are transported and delivered. As such, and much like any other mode of transportation, 18 wheeler accidents can and do happen, and when they do, you need the help of a Phoenix trucking accident attorney so that you can concentrate on your recovery.

Statistics show that in Arizona as a whole, more than 100 trucking accidents occur every year that lead to at least one fatality. The number of accidents that lead to injuries is well into the hundreds every year, and that's hardly a surprise given the fact that some of these large trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and can travel at speeds that are similar to smaller vehicles. In short, every trucking accident has the potential to lead to fallout that's nothing short of disastrous, which only leads to confusion by many who need help.

If this situation sounds familiar, then you do need to speak to a Phoenix trucking accident lawyer so that you can obtain the answers you need regarding how you should proceed. Bringing a claim against the proper defendants in the aftermath of a trucking accident can be complicated, as there are several legal technicalities that need to be considered and resolved before you even file an action. These technical questions include:

  1. The nature of the truck driver's relationship with the trucking company
  2. Whether the defendants named on the lawsuit include the truck driver, the trucking company or both
  3. The proper jurisdiction for the case

These are only a few issues that need to be resolved, and even after an action is filed, there are other aspects of moving forward that all but require the help of an experienced Phoenix trucking accident lawyer. These questions almost always deal with the issue of discovery, which is basically the exchange of information that occurs between the parties after a lawsuit has been filed.

Specifically, the injured party will need to have a close look at the truck driver's log, the specifics of the load he or she was carrying in terms of its weight and how it was packed, the speed at which the truck was traveling and many other questions, all of which relate directly to trucker regulations and all of which can be critical to proving a claim of negligence in an effort to recover for your losses. Overall, this entire process is greatly aided by someone who has the experience and knowledge necessary to properly advance a case.

If you or someone you love has been harmed in an 18 wheeler accident, you need to contact a Phoenix personal injury attorney at Phillips Law Group as soon as possible to schedule a free initial consultation.

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