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When a law firm takes on a drug company that's under fire for releasing medications that are seen as dangerous onto the marketplace and that cause harm in patients, the legal realities of pursuing civil claims can be complicated. That's because multiple patients are usually injured by a drug's side effects which leads to several individual claims against one defendant or set of defendants. Phillips Law Group has been serving multiple clients as Avandia side effects lawyers and has been fighting to protect and enforce the legal rights of those clients who have suffered from unforeseen Avandia side effects. Below is an update in regards to the ongoing litigation.

Phillips Law Group Avandia Side Effects Lawyers Involved with Litgation Committees

When large civil claims are filed, the presiding court will often attempt to organize the process by naming committees to help move the process forward in an efficient manner so that the cases can ultimately be heard and decided in a more timely manner. Two of the Avandia side effects lawyers from Phillips Law Group are getting involved with these committees, and this could help provide the firm's clients with direct updates to how the claims are progressing and how it relates to their situations.

Avandia Side Effects Lawyers Already Have Updates to Provide to Clients

Aside from the positions being earned by the Avandia side effects lawyers from Phillips Law Group is the reality that these legal situations continue to move forward. Clients of Phillips Law Group have had their claims filed in the California coordinated case, and these claims are being directed by the law firm of Girardi Keese, one of the most renowned litigation firms in the state. At this point, the series of preliminary hearings that are part of any litigation have been resulting in positive results for the plaintiffs.

The firm will continue to provide clients with updates as the claims move forward, and if you or someone you love has suffered as a result of using Avandia, you need to contact the Avandia side effects lawyers at Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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