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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that about 6 million motor vehicle accidents occur in the United States each year. While a wide variety of factors come into to play when analyzing the major causes of these collisions, driver error is by and far the most frequently attributed cause throughout the country.

As more and more motorists enter the roadways of Arizona, it is absolutely essential for these drivers to recognize the most dangerous driving situations to better avoid a potential crash. Commercial vehicles on the road present an elevated risk for all motorists in close proximity. Due to their typically large weight and size, commercial trucks are involved in the most catastrophic crashes today.

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Common Passenger Vehicle Errors

Truck drivers are certainly to blame for many of the truck accidents that occur each day throughout the country. However, passenger vehicle driving errors account for a significant portion of the traffic collisions that occur each and every day. Truckers understand how to safely operate their commercial vehicles, however, no one can prepare for the actions of other drivers on the road. Therefore, it is absolutely essential for all Arizona motorists to be aware of the most common passenger vehicle driving errors in order to avoid them.

Improper Lane Change

Traveling distances between vehicles can be difficult to calculate, especially during highway travel. Therefore, it is critical for all drivers to understand that extreme caution must be taken prior to changing lanes. Commercial trucks weigh far more than a standard car and drivers must account for this in terms of travel distance, braking time, and speed reduction. Be sure to use turning signals far in advance of changing lanes.

Blind Spot Travel

All drivers are aware of the blind spot that exists in any vehicle. However, truck blind spots, referred to as a No Zone is significantly larger than the blind spot on a passenger car. Therefore, all motorists need to recognize when they are traveling within a trucks No Zone and remove their vehicle from this area as soon as possible. When a truck driver is unable to see your vehicle in their mirrors, you are at great risk for a collision.

One Hand on the Wheel

In the years following the age where drivers get their license, many driving habits become lazy. Driving with one hand is one of the most common side effects of motorists getting too comfortable with their vehicles. Driving with one hand on the wheel of your vehicle is incredibly dangerous when passing a large truck. Due to the enormity of these vehicles, wind gusts are often created when they pass a moving vehicle. Those operating their car with one hand will be unable to properly react and control their vehicle.


Tailgating is one of the most common driving habits of reckless or careless drivers. Unfortunately, even some of the safest motorists tailgate when they are rushing to get from one place to another. While this is a dangerous driving activity for any driver, tailgating behind a large truck can be deadly. Commercial trucks are unable to react to traffic changes quickly like that of their passenger vehicle counterparts. Therefore, drivers must account for greater stoppage times when traveling behind a truck.

Bad Weather

Driving in bad weather is dangerous for any motorist. One of the most dangerous passenger vehicle driving errors is neglecting to alter driving habits during adverse weather conditions. When heavy rains or winds strike Arizona, it is vital for all drivers to drive slower and more cautiously, especially when traveling near a large truck.

Turning Signal Use

Much like driving with one hand on the wheel, lazy drivers tend to stop using turning signals after a few years of driving. While this may not seem like a big deal, turning signals serve as an important warning signal for other vehicles on the road. All Arizona motorists must use turning signals at all times.

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