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Our Attorney Debt Negotiation Services May Avoid Arizona Bankruptcy

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Dec 01, 2010 in Local

When people face serious financial difficulties, many of them tend to simply hope that a solution will present itself. As anyone who has taken this step understands, these situations will not resolve themselves. One of the reasons for this natural hesitation is because people do not want to face the possibility of filing for bankruptcy protection, as society has placed an unfortunate and somewhat unfair stigma on those who have such a filing on their records. While some financial situations may all but require a bankruptcy filing, others may provide an opportunity to reduce or eliminate debts without filing this type of case. This all starts with seeking the input of experienced Arizona debt negotiation lawyers, and below is a brief introduction to this possibility.

Montano Arentz & Associates, PLLC- Arizona Bankruptcy and Debt Negotiation Attorneys

One of the possibilities that could be a viable option for some people facing financial difficulty is to work with an Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer who can help those in this bind negotiate their debts down to a manageable level. There are nearly limitless directions in which such a negotiation process can advance, including the reduction or removal of interest and penalty payments on debt, the lowering of the original amount that's owed and other options that should be explored with creditors by professionals who have experience in this regard.

Debt Negotiation in AZ - Why Creditors Will Listen to Professionals

The bottom line with creditors who have been attempting to collect on a debt for a long period of time is that they are for-profit corporations for the most part. What this means for those who cannot meet their obligations is that these creditors will often choose to accept a partial payment on the debt that's owed as opposed to facing the risk of receiving nothing if the person who owes the debt files for bankruptcy protection. Experienced Arizona debt negotiators who understand the laws that apply to these situations can help those in this position by contacting those creditors and extending offers for payment either in a lump sum form or in the form of ongoing payments that can be made within a person's monthly budget.

If you have been waiting for a solution to your financial problems to present itself, now is the time to act so that you can put all of your stress behind you. Contact the Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys at Phillips Law Group today to get this process started.

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