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Nursing Home Abuse Is On the Rise in Arizona

According to a data report analyzed by Arizona Sonora News, incidents of nursing home abuse at Medicare-approved nursing homes in Arizona are on the rise, with half of the incidents causing immediate danger to patient care. The data report included roughly… Read More

Are Your Loved Ones Safe In Nursing Homes?

Recently, a bookkeeper at one of Mississippi's top-ranked nursing homes has plead guilty to stealing over $100,000 from 83 of her elderly residence trust funds and then going on shopping sprees with their money. In one case, she even purchased a pair… Read More

Actor Mickey Rooney Speaks Out Against Elder Abuse in Arizona

Elder abuse is a growing problem in Arizona and in the rest of the United States, and perhaps the worst aspect of this real problem is the fact that for the most part, it's a silent problem. Older people who are being abused are often times unable to… Read More

Fire at Senior Housing Complex in Phoenix May Be Wrongful Death

Senior housing is a form of living that is growing in demand around Arizona and the United States as the population of the country collectively ages. As a result, more and more strain is being put on those who provide this form of housing. When this situation… Read More

Attorneys Investigate Wrongful Death in Arizona Nursing Homes

The nursing home industry has been under incredible stress in recent years as the collective population of the United States has aged. In addition, Arizona's nursing home industry has seen its demand for space explode given the state's natural home to… Read More

Know How to Spot Arizona Nursing Home Neglect

As the collective population of the United States ages, it increases the demand on nursing homes and other assisted living facilities that need to find room for new residents. This type of pressure on those establishments leads to rushed decisions and… Read More

Financial Abuse and Nursing Home Facilities

As the American population gets older in general, more and more people will need the help of assisted living facilities or nursing homes to make sure that they are properly cared for as they enter their golden years. Unfortunately, the reality of this… Read More

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