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Toyota as a brand has been taking a beating in recent weeks as a result of several different recalls that have affected millions of vehicles. Problems that include defective accelerator pedals on several Toyota models and braking systems on the Toyota Prius have led to these circumstances. Now comes word that Toyota is issuing yet another recall, and this one centers on 8,000 Toyota Tacoma trucks that are believed to have serious problems with their drive shafts. These developments have led to calls for help to Toyota recall lawyers all over the United States as different problems have affected different sets of consumers.

The Reason for the Toyota Tacoma Truck Recall

Toyota has initiated this latest recall of 8,000 Toyota Tacoma trucks because of a problem with a part in the drive shaft of 2010 Toyota Tacomas. Specifically, this part in the drive shaft has showed a tendency to crack and cause the front drive shaft to separate from the vehicle and fall out altogether. When this occurs, the driver of the vehicle will lose control of the direction of the truck and be placed in a situation of immediate and extreme danger. As is usually the case with defective vehicles, there will be no warning provided for the driver before the defect takes hold and causes potential harm.

All of the affected vehicles are 2010 4-wheel-drive models of the Toyota Tacoma, and the models at issue were manufactured between December of 2009 and February of 2010. Toyota has stated that most of the models in question are already either on dealer lots or further along in the distribution chain that ultimately ends with the consumer. The specific part in question that's believed to be defective is manufactured by the Dana Corp. Anyone who is driving such a model is advised to stop doing so and to see the nearest Toyota dealer for repairs.

There is no telling how many more, if any, issues will arise with Toyota vehicles. If you or someone you love has been harmed or encountered unreasonable risks as a result of driving a defective Toyota, you need to contact the Toyota recall lawyers at Phillips Law Group as soon as possible to schedule a free initial consultation.

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