Man Severely Injured Making Fireworks

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Sep 30, 2013 in Personal Injury

A man was seriously injured in a home explosion while making homemade fireworks in Scottsdale. Hazmat crews arrived at the scene due to the chemical explosion, while many were unsure what the commotion was in regards to.

At 27-year-old had been making fire works for several years now, which is legal in the state of Arizona, however something went wrong and caused the man to become hospitalized with burns to his arm.

The mans mother recognized that it is a dangerous hobby and will not be allowing him to make the fireworks in their house any longer. There are no charges being pressed against the man and he does not face any life-threatening injuries.

The attorneys at Phillips Law Group wish for a safe recovery of this man and would like to inform everyone to use extra caution while performing these types of activities as they may not be as lucky as this man.

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