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Lost Eyesight Lawyer AZ

The state of Arizona saw an 8.7 percent increase in the number of auto accident related fatalities in 2011, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation. While the number of total car crashes in Arizona went down, the percentage increase in fatalities indicates that the severity of motor vehicle collisions has amplified across the state.

Loss of eyesight is a common outcome of a catastrophic injury in traffic collisions. Unfortunately, far too many drivers in the U.S. suffer from some form of eyesight loss. In fact, about 3.4 million Americans ages 40 and over are visually impaired or blind according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These numbers shed light on the massive number of people who are affected by lost eyesight.

Accidents victims typically suffer many traumas following a serious crash, usually both physically and emotionally. Sufferers will go through a number of feelings as a result, from distress to shock to pain. While the physical damages often receive the most attention, victims often undergo quite a difficult battle emotionally when an accident occurs.

The ability to come to terms with the new life that a traffic crash or catastrophic injury has caused can be incredibly difficult. Phillips Law Group understands the pain and suffering that these injured parties go through. While compensation may not bring back the injured persons vision, adequate rewards will help the injured to deal with rehabilitation, stress, and all of the other issues that follow an accident.

If you or a loved one has suffered from any kind of loss of eyesight after an accident, an Arizona personal injury lawyer is dedicated to guiding you through your case.

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Vision Loss Symptoms

Losing eyesight is something that can change a life indefinitely. When vision loss is permanent, temporary, or partial, any alteration in eyesight is both shocking and distressing for a personal injury victim. Accidents are typically unexpected, elevating the level of astonishment of vision loss. Many eyesight loss victims need time to accept the new state at which they find themselves after a catastrophe.

Those who have suffered from vision loss often experience a number of emotions as they come to terms with a new condition. Combining these emotional distractions with the long list of things to take care of following an accident, such as medical bills, property damages, etc., some victims may neglect to recognize the onset of vision loss.

A few of the most typically symptoms of eyesight loss include but are not limited to:

  • Double Vision
  • Floaters
  • Streaks
  • Blurred Vision
  • Sudden nearsightedness or farsightedness
  • Dimness

Contrary to popular belief, there are quite a few eyesight impairments that may take a few days to appear after an accident or personal injury of some sort. As a result, accident victims must be aware of the potential dangers present. If you or a loved one has experienced vision loss, either partial or full, after an accident, an Arizona personal injury lawyer is prepared to take on your case today.

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Loss of Eyesight Causes

According to a national study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 14 million people ages 12 and older suffer from some form on visual loss. Triggered by a wide variety of both personal injuries and natural causes, any kind of loss of eyesight can be overwhelming to the injured party and their loved ones. Regardless of the cause, those who have lost their vision must come to terms with the new life that the personal injury has dealt them.

A few of the most common loss of eyesight causes include but are not limited to:

  • Head Injury
  • Spinal Cord Damage
  • Auto Accidents
  • LASIK Surgery
  • Chemical Spill
  • Sharp objects penetrating the eye
  • Blow to the Eye
  • Medical Malpractice or Negligence
  • Defective Airbag
  • Bright Light
  • Contact Lens Solution Damage

The above are the most common causes of vision loss; however, there are quite a few additional causes that have been noted in the past several years. If your or a loved one has experienced any loss of eyesight following any of the above causes, in addition to any other forms of personal injury, Phillips Law Group is prepared to guide you through the legal proceedings.

An Arizona Lawyer is Here to Help

Vision loss is an incredibly sensitive subject. With years of experience, the Phoenix personal injury attorneys at Phillips Law Group and staff is well-versed in dealing with accident victims and the sensitive matters that come natural with every case. As a result, we are able to craft a case for the injured party while they concentrate on healing both physically and emotionally after the accident. We will provide you with an Arizona personal injury lawyer who is dedicated to fighting for your rights.

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