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Life Changing Catastrophic Injuries and Ongoing Medical Bills

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Mar 25, 2010 in Personal Injury

Certain personal injury cases involve harm that's so severe for the victim of negligence, recklessness or even intentional conduct that the person who has been injured faces a lifetime of change and struggle. While these sorts of results can arise in almost any circumstance, the fact remains that someone who has been severely injured will need medical care and other help as long as he or she lives. The first step you should take if you or someone you love has been severely injured is to contact an skilled Phoenix personal injury lawyer, but in the meantime below is a look at the possible costs that will be incurred by someone who's suffered a catastrophic, life-changing injury as a result of someone else's actions.

Medical Costs Incurred Because of a Catastrophic Injury

When someone is severely injured, he or she will need immediate and perhaps radical medical care. This immediate care could include extremely invasive surgery, life support and other steps that must be taken to save the injured person's life. When surgery, expensive equipment, technology such as MRI's and CT scans are involved as well as anesthesia and powerful medication, the costs can immediately rise to the level of insurmountable. People with serious injuries can require extended stays in a hospital at thousands of dollars per day.

Ongoing Medical Care Needed Because of a Catastrophic Injury

Assuming the person recovers from the immediate injuries and ultimately makes it out of the hospital, that person still faces a lifetime of medical needs. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the injury, that person could require long-term physical rehabilitation, recurring tests and evaluations from physicans, and prescription medication that is necessary to help heal and to provide some level of comfort to the patient. When it comes to catastrophic injuries, there can be no end in sight to the need for this ongoing care.

Medical Equipment Needed Because of a Catastrophic Injury

Even if the patient is able to endure the ongoing medical care and rehabilitation, he or she may still face enormous expenses when it comes to re-purposing his or her home, vehicle or even work space to accommodate the injuries suffered and the new reality that the patient faces. Examples of this sort of equipment can include a dialysis machine, ramps, walkers, wheel chairs and hydraulic lifts if the patient is unable to walk and many other expensive pieces of equipment designed to help the person through the daily routine.

In short, very few people could ever hope to afford the expenses incurred as a result of a catastrophic injury. If this has happened to you or someone you love, contact the Arizona personal injury lawyers at Phillips Law Group today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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