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Latest Tylenol Recall Adds to Problems for Manufacturer

Posted on behalf of Phillips Law Group on Jul 09, 2010 in Defective Drug

Johnson & Johnson is one of the world's leading manufacturers of several product lines, including over-the-counter medications. Over the years, the corporate giant has dominated the market for those who came to need pain medication such as Tylenol, Motrin and several other problems. Unfortunately, the company has been beset by several recent Johnson & Johnson recalls, many of which have prompted the search for help from experienced Tylenol recall lawyers. Below is a brief overview of the issue.

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Overview of Problems with Tylenol and Related Products

There have now been four recalls and several problems uncovered that prompted them. Every aspect of the process of manufacturing and releasing these products onto the marketplace has come under FDA scrutiny, including:

  • The discovery of the presence of bacteria in pills that was traced to the manufacturing process
  • The presence of too much of certain ingredients in different pills that created potential danger for some consumers
  • Contaminated shipping drums that are generally used to deliver the product to different outlets.

Overall, 46 consumer complaints have been generated during this time, and in response to a scathing FDA report issued in response to this situation, Johnson & Johnson announced not only four different Tylenol-related recalls in recent months, but also a suspension in operations of a manufacturing plant located in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania.

Recalled Johnson & Johnson Products

Below is a list of the products that have been subject to the four recent Johnson & Johnson recalls:

  • Children's Motrin
  • Infant's Motrin
  • BENADRYL Allergy Ultratab
  • Children's Tylenol
  • Infant's Tylenol
  • Children's Zyrtec
  • Tylenol Extra Strength Rapid Release Gels

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