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Las Vegas Shooting Lawsuit

las vegas at nightThe mass shooting that occurred on Oct. 1 at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival left 58 people dead and nearly 500 injured. It is a national tragedy that has left many wondering how such as massive act of violence could have occurred.

The Phillips Law Group is currently investigating claims surrounding the shocking incident. With decades of experience practicing law, our dedicated personal injury lawyers have helped numerous injury victims seek the justice and compensation they deserve after being harmed by another’s actions. We have recovered millions in verdicts and settlements and are well-versed in personal injury law, premises liability and class action lawsuits. Our firm’s founder Jeffery Phillips has been invited to the Top 100 National Trial Lawyers for several years and has received the honor as one of the “Best Attorneys of America.” If you or a loved one has been affected by the mass shooting in Las Vegas, contact us for a free, no obligation consultation. We work only on a contingency fee basis, which means you only have to pay us if we recover compensation for your claim.

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A Country Music Festival Turns Into a National Tragedy

On the last weekend of September 2017, thousands of people attended the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival on the Las Vegas Strip. Located directly across from the Luxor and diagonally across from the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino along Las Vegas Blvd., the three-day country music festival has been a popular attraction since its debut in 2014.

On Oct. 1, 2017, the last night of the festival, approximately 22,000 people were attending a performance by country music star Jason Aldean. At 10:05 p.m., during Aldean’s final act, Stephen Paddock, 64, opened fire on the crowd of concertgoers from his 32nd floor suite at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino across the strip.

For 10 straight minutes, Paddock fired thousands of rounds at innocent people from his hotel room windows in what would become the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. More than an hour after the shooting began, police entered Paddock’s hotel suite and found that he had died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Law enforcement officers found 23 guns and thousands of rounds of high-caliber ammunition in Paddock’s hotel suite. Many of the rifles, including AR-10s, AR-15s, .308 caliber and AK-47s, were modified with a “bump stock” device, which modifies a semi-automatic rifle to fire like an automatic weapon.

In Paddock’s car, police found more than 50 pounds of explosives and 1,600 additional rounds of ammunition. Authorities also found a note containing precise calculations on the distances and trajectory to the concertgoers below, according to police.

Authorities are still investigating Paddock’s motives and how this tragedy happened.

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Victim Files a Lawsuit After the Shooting

Since the shooting, lawsuits have been filed by victims and gun-restriction advocacy groups against the parties involved in the massacre.

A California college student who was injured in the shooting has filed a lawsuit in Clark County District Court against MGM Resort International, which owns Mandalay Bay; Live Nation, the concert promoter; and Slide Fire, the maker of the bump stock used in the shooting.

Specifically, the lawsuit claims that MGM “breached their duty of reasonable care” and failed to keep the hotel “in a reasonably safe condition” because it failed to monitor people coming into the hotel and did not quickly respond to the shooting of Jesus Campos, a Mandalay Bay security guard, in a timely manner. Campos had gone to the 32nd floor to check on an alert from a room and was shot by Paddock six minutes before the massacre began. The lawsuit alleges that MGM’s negligence enabled one of its guests to commit mass murder, which could have been prevented under tighter security restrictions, according to the victim’s attorneys.

The lawsuit also claims that Live Nation failed to “build and mark” adequate emergency exits, train its employees and volunteers on how to respond to a crisis, and plan an emergency evacuation.

Additionally, the lawsuit accuses Texas-based Slide Fire Solutions of being liable for the victim’s damages because it created and promoted a legal device specifically designed to circumvent federal laws restricting private citizens from owning automatic weapons.

Contact Our Attorneys if You Have Been Affected by the Las Vegas Shooting

If you or someone you love has been affected by the mass shooting in Las Vegas, do not hesitate to contact the Phillips Law Group for qualified legal representation.

Although no amount of money can make up for the tragic loss of a loved one or the trauma of witnessing a massive act of violence, our compassionate legal team will provide you with a free, no obligation consultation to evaluate your claim. We will determine if you have a case against the hotel owners, concert promoters, gun maker or any other party associated with the shooting.

All of our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not charge upfront for our legal or investigative services. We will only require payment if we are able to recover compensation for your claim.

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